God of Promises | One Baby, Two Baby, Three Baby, Four... | Day 13


By: Megan Gover | Genesis 28:20-22

Open up this time with the Lord in a word of prayer. Ask Jesus to communicate his love and hope to you as you study His lineage today!

Read Genesis 28:1-9. What command did Jacob’s parents give him? Where was Jacob supposed to find his wife?


What blessing did Jacob receive in verses 3-4?


Why did Esau add more sister wives to his tribe?


Continue reading Genesis 28:9-22. Imagine you’ve just received both the birthright and blessing from your father, fleeing from your family because your brother wants to kill you, and you are on your way to find a wife. What emotions and thoughts do you think were running through Jacob’s mind?


Describe Jacob’s dream.


Read Matthew 1:2 and John 14:6. How do these verses apply to Jacob’s dream?


What did Jacob name the place he saw this dream? What did this name mean?


The Lord promised Bethel to Jacob and his offspring. How would this covenant have ultimately comforted him in this season of his life?


What is the main difference between God’s promise and Jacob’s vow?


APPLY: At the end of chapter 28, we see Jacob’s reaction to encountering the presence of the Lord. How does our attitude towards God’s presence affect how we seek it?


Let’s continue reading all of Genesis 29:1-30.


What went down in this chapter? Explain the craziness!


Why did Jacob have to work seven years for Rachel, even though his family was extremely wealthy?


Describe Rachel and Leah.


How does Jacob get a taste of his own medicine in chapter 29?


Why did Jacob not realize he was with Leah instead of Rachel.


Why did Laban take advantage of Jacob?


Why is polygamy wrong?


Finish off chapter 29 by reading verses 31-35. Why was Leah blessed with several kids?


Name her four kids and the meaning of their names.


Continue reading in chapter 30:1-24. How did Laban’s sin of dishonesty and deception hurt his daughters and his son-in-law?


APPLY: Comparisons absolutely steal our joy. We often measure our deep desires and greatest insecurities against others. Therefore, what areas do you find yourself comparing the most? Is it beauty, talent, spiritual walk with Jesus, family, friends, dating relationships, money, etc… What joy are you forfeiting by trying to measure up instead of seeking Christ’s truth about you?


Name the kids born to each of these four women.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 7.56.44 AM.png

How do we see Jacob living up to his name again in verses 25-43?


As you’ve studied the life of Abraham’s descendants, what promises did the Lord make to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?

APPLY: How can you learn from their disobedience? How can you live an anchored life in the promises of God’s Word?


End this time thanking the Lord for his unending promises and truth!

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