God of Promises | Family Feuds | Day 12


By: Megan Gover | Genesis 25:21

Not only did Isaac get married, but his father remarried! Open up to Genesis 25:1-18 to read all about it.

List out his descendants through his new wife, Keturah.


Who received all of Abraham’s possessions?


Where was Abraham buried after he died?


List the sons of Ishmael.


This chapter we see a man of God passing from this world into eternity and passing the baton onto his son, Isaac. Let’s see how Isaac continues this faith heritage in Genesis 25:19-34.

What struggle did Isaac and Rebekah experience? What was Isaac’s reaction?


APPLY: What areas of your life do you need the Lord to intercede on your behalf?


How do you think Isaac learned from his dad in handling problems with infertility?


APPLY: Name a time you witnessed someone close to you encounter a tough situation? How did their experience comfort you when you went through a similar trial?


Read 2 Corinthians 1:3-4. What does this say about comforting others?


Describe what was happening in Rebekah’s womb?

Write out the details about Isaac and Rebekah’s twins

+ESAU                                                               +JACOB


What is a birthright? Why did Esau trade his and why did Jacob want it?


APPLY: Name a time you exchanged God’s promises to you in the face of extreme pressures? How do we train ourselves to choose the eternally right decision instead of the earthly immediate one?


Continue reading Genesis 26:1-34. In what ways did Isaac sin like his father? In what ways was he a peacemaker like his dad?


APPLY: What sins have you learned from your parents? How does their sin affect you?


In what ways do you exhibit your parent’s godliness? How has their faith impacted you?


Why did Isaac experience opposition against the Philistines?


Isaac re-dug all the wells his father previously made, but the new ones he formed in the valley he named Esek, Sitnah, and Rehoboth. What does each of these names mean in Hebrew? (Hint: Look at the bottom of your page in the footnotes section.)


What about Esau’s marriages made Isaac and Rebekah bitter?


Last, but not least. Let’s continue reading in Genesis 27:1-25.


We see all throughout this chapter Rebekah’s favoritism of Jacob over Esau. How does favoritism go against God’s call to love? How did this hurt everyone in their family?


Revisit Genesis 25:23. Even though the outcome of chapter 27 was promised to Rebekah, how did she take matters into her own hands in this situation? How did she doubt God’s promise and word to her?


What was Jacob’s response to his mother’s plan? Was it wise or unwise? Explain.


Describe the interaction between Jacob and Isaac.


Jacob got what he deviously tricked his dad for--the blessing and the birthright. Keep reading in Genesis 25:26-46.

Why couldn’t Isaac take back his blessing?


What does Jacob’s name mean? How was it very fitting?


How did Esau’s anger blind him in verse 36 from the reality of his wrongdoing?


How did Esau’s anger fuel him into sin?


APPLY: In this chapter, we see the consequences of a family’s series of sins. How has the sin of others in your life affect you and how does your sin affect those around you?


End this time confessing sin in your life and thanking Christ for His forgiveness.

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