God of Promises | Similar Sins and Sacrificing Sons | Day 10


By: Megan Gover 

Ten days and twenty chapters into the book of Genesis! As we continue reading into chapter 22, confess sins you’ve been wrestling with lately. Ask the Lord to give you a repentant heart!

Read Genesis 20. Sound familiar?


What sin did Abraham commit? Why was he up to his old ways again?


What did God say to Abimelech in a dream?


How was this experience different than in Egypt? How were they similar?


APPLY: What sins have you been repeating instead of repenting from recently? What needs to be your first action step towards walking away from this sin today?


What ramifications due to Abraham and Sarah’s lie affected Abimelech’s household?


Was God punishing Abimelech or protecting him? Explain.


How did Abimelech place more faith and reverent fear in the Lord than Abraham?


Because of Abraham’s prayer and the Lord’s goodness, Sarah’s womb was opened and she conceived Isaac! Read Genesis 21:7.


What does the name Isaac mean?


Finally! The baby promised to this couple has arrived. Though Sarah said the Lord brought laughter to her, how did Isaac’s birth bring glory to God?


How did Sarah’s impatience forfeit her peace during all these years of waiting?


APPLY: Have you ever been on the fulfilled side of a miracle? What emotions did it stir up in you when you realized the Lord pulled through for you? How can we consistently look for God’s hand in the midst of impossible situations?


Unfortunately, this joy brought some sorrow to this family’s dynamic. Read Genesis 21:8-21.


What set Sarah off? What was Abraham’s response?


Think through this situation between Sarah and Hagar. Who was the mastermind behind the idea of Abraham sleeping with Hagar? (Hint: Genesis 16:1-2.)

How would you then feel if your wife, who planned this incredibly desperate scheme, is now taking out her frustration and jealousy on your son, who is innocent?


What promise did God give Abraham concerning Ishmael?

How did the Lord provide for Hagar and Ishmael?


APPLY: Paul references Hagar and Sarah to represent slavery and freedom. Explain in your own words what he said in Galatians 4:21-31. Where do we fit into this mix?


Now, let’s finish off chapter 21. Read verses 22-34.


What agreement did Abimelech and Abraham make?


Keep Abimelech in mind. We’ll be seeing him pop up in a few more chapters! This next chapter we’re about to read is full of emotion, faithfulness, and obedience. Prayerfully read through Genesis 22:1-9.


What word is used to describe God’s request of Abraham in verse one?


Did God really want Abraham to sacrifice Isaac? Yes or No? Why did God ask such a thing of him?


Mount Moriah was 50 miles from Beersheba. How does this detail factor into Abraham’s obedience?


What thoughts do you think were running through Isaac’s mind as he’s piecing all of this together?


Continue reading Genesis 22:10-24. What did Abraham’s faithfulness reveal about his heart?


APPLY: What has God asked you to sacrifice or give up in your life? How willing are you to surrender these things to Christ?


What is the difference between Abraham sacrificing Isaac and the Lord sacrificing His Son, Jesus? How would life be different if Jesus had not died on the cross?


End this time in serious wonder and awe of the Lord’s love for us. Maybe you need to turn on some worship music, journal your thoughts, or pray out loud. Either way, take 5-10 minutes deeply thanking the Lord for His mercies, His Son, and His love for you!

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