God of Promises | Hello, My Name Is _____ | Day 9

By: Megan Gover

In order to read all the way through chapter 36 of Genesis, we are going to have to ramp up our reading intake! If you need to cut these days in half and study in the morning and at night, feel free to do so. We are going to be covering a lot, but it’s juicy!

As we start off in Genesis 17, read verses 1-8. When the Lord appeared to Abram, what did he say? What was Abram’s reaction?


Our Bibles have built-in resources to help us understand God’s Word. If your Bible has footnotes at the bottom of each page, what does it say Abram means? What does Abraham mean?


What nation was established through Abraham’s lineage? What kings reigned through his family tree? What ultimate King reigned through his bloodline? (Hint: Visit Matthew 1.)


Continue reading Genesis 17:9-27. What sign was to be a covenant between the Lord and Abraham? What did it symbolize?


Sarai’s name changed to __________________ meaning _______________.


What is the power of a name? How can a name cause you pain? How can it bring you honor?


What did the Lord say regarding Sarah? How was Abraham’s reaction different than before?


APPLY: How do you react when God’s promises don’t seem like they are holding to be true? How can you push yourself towards obedience when you want to question God’s timing, will, and plan?


Onto chapter 18! Read verses 1-8.


Describe the scene.


What is the significance of “the LORD appearing” to Abraham?

John 1:18 and 1 Timothy 6:13-16 refer to God’s physical presence. What do they both indicate about who visited Abraham?


Why did Abraham run to the tent door? What trait of generosity did he display?


The Lord reiterated His promise to Abraham again. What does this communicate about our need for continual reminders from Him?


APPLY: What promise do you need the Lord to continually speak over you this week? The promise of His presence? His peace? His grace? Ask Him to give you these reminders over and over again until you believe it!

Sarah laughed. What did the Lord say in response?


Write out the first part of verse 14.


APPLY: What situations feel like they are impossible in your life currently? In view of God’s power, how does this situation grow seemingly small?


Continue reading Genesis 18:22-33.


Why do Sodom and Gomorrah sound familiar? Who recently moved close to there?


APPLY: What does it mean to draw near to the Lord? Read James 4:8 say about it?

Abraham pleads with the Lord in Genesis 18:23-25. What does Abraham’s pray show about his view of God’s justice?

Was He being disrespectful to the Lord or acting out of a burdened heart for Sodom and Gomorrah? Explain.


Abraham’s prayers were specific. How so?

APPLY: When you pray, do you find yourself praying generally or specifically. Give examples of both.

Why can we specifically pray for things? What things do you want to specifically pray for? Write them out below.


Why did God answer Abraham’s prayers?


Heads up. Chapter 19 might make your head spin, but power through!


Read Genesis 19:1-22. What progression did Lot take in order to end up living in Sodom?


Sin can be a slow fade. What does Psalm 1:1 say about the gradual steps of sin?


APPLY: What sin in your life started off as an innocent action, but led to total loss of control?


According to the actions of Sodom’s men, what was the spiritual climate of this city?


What was Sodom’s view of homosexuality?


What cultural norms might have affected Lot’s reasoning in exchanging the men for his daughters?


How terrible, right? Let’s continue reading in Genesis 19:23-29. What happened to Sodom and Gomorrah?


What happened to Lot’s wife? What did Jesus say about her in Luke 17:32-33?


What happened to Lot and his daughters? Where did they settle?


Lastly, read Genesis 19:30-38. Why do you believe Lot’s daughters tricked him? What were their motivation and reasoning?


What is your reaction towards this sin?


This day was filled with some quirky parts of scripture. But, don’t worry. We’ll discuss this in our upcoming podcast in what this communicates. Until then, spend some time wrapping up these passages with prayer. Ask the Lord to communicate His truth clearly to you!


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