God of Promises | Abram's Baby Woes | Day 8


By: Megan Gover | Genesis 15:6

"And he believed the Lord, and he counted it to him as righteousness. "

Let’s unpack God’s promises to Abram today! Before you open your Bible, ask the Lord to reveal His faithfulness to you.

Read Genesis 15:1-7. Why would Abram be afraid after the events in chapter 14?


What comfort would Abram have received knowing the Lord was his shield?


How would the promise of a great reward bring joy to Abram in light of his recent events? (Hint: Genesis 14:21-24)


How did this reward confuse Abram?


Abram doesn’t seem to hold back his emotions. When you are frustrated, sad or overwhelmed, do you tend to bottle up your emotions or go to the Lord with them? What is the result for these actions?


Why was Abram planning on giving his inheritance to Eliezer, his most trusted servant?


What did God promise Abram? What was Abram’s reaction?


APPLY: How does our belief, not actions, lead us to righteousness?


Continue reading Genesis 15:7-21. Why is the Lord reminding Abram he brought him out from Ur of the Chaldeans?


APPLY: Do you sometimes question God’s promises? If so, why?


Why did the Lord ask him to bring those animals? What were they used for?


We will talk more about this passage in this week’s podcast. If this left you confused, download it from the iTunes or Google Play Store on Saturday!


What time period is the Lord referring to in Genesis 15:13-14?


In the midst of these cut pieces, there is a smoking firepot with a blazing torch. What do you believe these symbolize?


On to chapter 16! Read Genesis 16:1-4. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Did you just read that correctly! Absolutely. Abram goes to having a contract with God regarding his own sons to taking matters into his own hands.

Who was Hagar?


Why did Sarai suggest this to Abram?


How long had Abram and Sarai lived in Canaan?


Read Genesis 16:5-15. What was the outcome of this situation?


Why would Sarai have asked of Hagar to sleep with her husband only to get upset with her?


APPLY: Name a time you experienced deep frustration and anger due to your own wrongdoing? Did these emotions help or hurt you? Explain.


Though Hagar justifiably could have been upset, why do you believe the angel told her to go back to Sarai and Abram?


APPLY: When situations in life are challenging, do you run away or face them head on? How can you learn to stick with problems instead of avoiding them?


How did the Lord provide for Hagar? How did he see her?


The Lord always sees us in our pain. How did this fact comfort you?  


End this time thanking the Lord for second chances despite our wrongdoing!

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