God of Promises | A LOT of Problems | Day 7

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By: Megan Gover 

Abraham left his home, experienced a drought, and found himself in hot water with the king of Egypt. Let’s continue reading Genesis 13-14 to see what trouble he might find himself in today!

Read Genesis 13:1-7. What does verse two say Abram was rich with?

How could livestock make someone wealthy during Abram’s time?


What conflicts arose in this new land?


What were two people groups already dwelling in this land? What do we know about the Canaanites? (Hint: Genesis 9:18 and Genesis 10:15-20)


Continue to read Genesis 13:8-13. How did Abram handle this conflict? What was his solution for resolving this situation?


How did this initiative show Abram’s character?


What land did Lot take? What land did Abraham get as a result?


Though Lot took the fertile and better land, he compromised himself and his family. How so?


APPLY: Name a time you experienced conflict with a family member. Was your attitude and initiative like Abram’s or like Lot’s? Explain.


How does pride affect our disputes and arguments? What does James 4:1-6 say about this matter?


How has choosing the “best” for yourself while ignoring the feelings of those around you reaped consequences for yourself and for others?


What did Abram do when he first moved to Hebron?


Abram and Sarai are getting settled into their new digs when they have to go rescue their nephew, Lot. Keep reading in Genesis 14:1-13.


What four kings made war with five other kings?


How did Lot’s greed become his misfortune?


Abram’s about to save the day in Genesis 14:13- 24. How many people did Abraham have to fight these evil kingdoms? ____________


What heroic qualities did Abram display through his swift action?


Who was Melchizedek? (See Hebrews 7:1-10 for more info.)


Why did Abram reject the King of Sodom’s goods?


APPLY: Describe a time you were tempted to steal attention for yourself instead of reflecting Christ’s glory and honor. How do we cultivate a humble heart?


End this time asking the Lord to give you His humility in every relationship and situation you encounter this week.

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