God of Promises | Tower of Babel | Day 6


By: Megan Gover

This past week you studied ten chapters out of the Bible...GO YOU! Over the next five days, we are focusing on one of the most famous men in the Bible: Abraham. Before you dive into today's Scripture, ask the Lord to give you a heart of wisdom, so that you may know Him better!

Open up to Genesis 11:1-9. Name a time you experience a language barrier.


What experiences and situations would be eliminated by having one language?


How did one language affect mankind’s motives, goals, and actions in this chapter?


The Land of Shinar was the pre-Babylon area of the Middle East. How did all of mankind post-Noah disobey God's command in Genesis 9:1?


What were their building materials of choice? Other building materials would have been stone--not uniformed, man-made, weak bricks. What does this signal about their choice to use a lesser material to worship themselves?

What did their desire to build a city and a name for themselves reveal about their relationship with God?


What personal pronoun is used in verse 7?


Describe the irony of mankind building a name for themselves--only to be known as the Tower of Babel which means confusion?


APPLY: What areas of your life are you tempted to make a name for yourself? How can you use that area for God’s glory instead?


I know you’re thinking, “Yay, another genealogy!” Stick with me. It’s about to get good!

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The Call of Abram is up next! Read Genesis 12:1-3.

Name Abram’s family.


What did the Lord command of Him? What was he asked to leave behind?


What things did God promise Abram if he followed God’s commands?


How is Abram’s story contrasted with the Tower of Babel?


Why would Abram consider giving up his life, family, and comfort to answer God’s call?


APPLY: What are some hard things the Lord has called you to do in your life? What helped you follow obediently? Or what hindered you from walking faithfully with Him?


Continue reading Genesis 12:4-9. Who and what did Abram take with Him?


Where did he end up?


God promised land to Abram and his family. What was Abram’s response to this promise?


What does Abram’s faithfulness teach us about obedience?


APPLY: How do we know if our faith is genuine? How do our actions show fruit of our trust in the Lord?


Now read Genesis 12:10-20. The famine led Abram to seek refuge where?


What thoughts would have entered your mind if you were experiencing a drought after being promised earthly blessings?


Why did Abram lie about his relationship with Sarai?


How did Abram’s actions embody fear instead of the faith he displayed by uprooting his life at the Lord’s call?


APPLY: What is your reaction towards spiritual testings? Do you exhibit more faith or fear? Explain a time you exemplified more faith than fear and vice versa.


End your time thanking the Lord for His mercies being made new every day!

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