God of Promises | Noah's Descendants | Day 5


By: Megan Gover

Hey-o! Today we are finishing off the life of Noah--one of the biggest examples of faith in the New Testament. Start off this time asking the Lord to increase your faith in Him.

The Lord blesses Noah and his sons in the beginning of chapter nine. Paraphrase what God told them in verses 1-7.


Why is murder a sin? What is it stealing from God’s rightful authority when one commits murder?


Continue reading Genesis 9:17. We see throughout this book how God is a God of Promises. What covenant does the Lord promise to Noah?


What was a sign to Noah of God’s faithfulness to never flood the earth again?


Flip over to Hebrews 11:4-7. What does it say about the following people we’ve read about the last couple of days?

Abel -


Enoch -


Noah -


APPLY: Hebrews 11:7 says Noah exhibited a “reverent fear.” What does reverent fear look like in your life?


As we read about Noah in this Hall-Of-Faith passage, we find his righteousness contrasted with the next few verses in Genesis. Read Genesis 9:18-28.


Unpack this situation unfolded in this passage. How did Noah find himself in a compromising situation?


How did Ham’s reaction differ from his brothers, Shem and Japheth?


What similarities do we find between Adam and Eve and Noah and Shem’s stories?


Ultimately, we don’t know why exactly such a harsh curse was brought onto Ham’s family because of sin. However, we do know Noah brought shame to himself by being uncovered and instead of Ham decently covering him back up, he invited his brothers to delight and mock his father’s mishap. Therefore, when Noah woke up he cursed Ham and his descendants--which were later known as the Canaanites.

APPLY: How does knowing that somebody who was regarded as an heir of righteousness messed up? Does this allow you to give yourself grace? Why or why not?


When those around you stumble in sin, what is your reaction? Do you rejoice or mourn? Explain a time when you were guilty of rejoicing and practiced deep remorse for another.


Look up Romans 3:23-24. How have you fallen short in your walk with Christ recently? What sins do you need to ask for forgiveness and repent form?


Lastly, to finish off today’s study. Read Genesis chapter 10. I know, I know. It’s another one of our favorites--a genealogy! But, it gives us a little perspective of Noah’s extended family which impacts us today.


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