God of Promises | Noah's Cruise Ship | Day 4


By: Megan Gover 

Let’s start off today by asking the Lord to reveal His faithfulness to us! Now read Genesis 7:1-24.

In the midst of all the animals on Noah’s cruise ship, the Lord commanded Noah to “take with you seven pairs of clean animals.” (verse 2) Why did the Lord command him to bring this amount instead of two for every other kind? What made them clean? (Reference Lev. 11:1-31 and Deut. 14:3-20 for more clarity.)


What animals would you have been most excited about seeing aboard your ship? What animals would have terrified you?


Describe what your senses might have smelled aboard the ark:

Sight -

Sound -

Smell -

Touch -

Taste -

What thoughts do you think ran through Noah’s mind as the flood waters rose?


How many days and how many nights did it rain? _______ Days _______ Nights


Where have you heard this number used in other parts of the Bible? Is it a significant number? If so, what does it mean?


There is one common theme repeated throughout this chapter. Write it out below. (Hint: Look at verse five, nine, and sixteen.)


What verb is used in verse 23 to describe mankind, as well as the unlucky animals? Look up the definition and write out some synonyms below.


The Lord means serious business. What does this communicate about God’s view towards sin and wickedness?


Let’s continue reading Genesis 8:1-12.

How long did the water stay on earth? Draw a picture of the vivid imagery of verse two.


Google Mount Ararat. What modern-day country is it located in? How tall is it?


Noah sent out two types of birds. What did he send out first and last?


Why do you think he sent out two different types of birds?


Ravens feed on dead carcasses. Considering God wiped out every living creature, the raven could fend for itself off of any floating food. However, doves typically eat grains and seeds. With this knowledge, why does it make sense for Noah to send these birds out in the order he did?


How many times did Noah send out the dove? What did it come back with the second time?


Envision the scene as Noah led the creatures off the boat. What do you imagine this scene looked like?


Read Genesis 8:20-22. What was Noah’s response as soon as he stepped on dry ground?


What was the Lord’s response to the sacrifices? What did He promise?

APPLY: How has the Lord kept His faithful promises to you? What is your response when the Lord provides and protects you?


End today’s time thanking the Lord through worship for His provision and faithfulness!

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