God of Promises | Giants, Flood, Sin, Oh My! | Day 3


By: Megan Gover

The Bible sometimes offers lineages--or the descendants--of specific people. Though they seem boring and irrelevant, they always serve a purpose. In this genealogy listed in chapter five of Genesis, we see how Adam and Eve’s children went on to corrupt the world as they populated it.

Fill in the blanks for Adam’s family tree noted in Genesis 5:1-32.

chart two.png

Now read Genesis 6:1-8. Who do you think the “sons of God” were and the “daughters of men?”


What does verse three communicate about God’s character?


As weird as it sounds, some scholars believe the Sons of God were fallen angels. Others believe they were men from Seth’s lineage who intermarried with Cain’s wicked family. Either way, we know the Nephilim mentioned in verse 4 were huge in stature--probably nine or ten feet tall! However, they used their size as a tool to oppress others. (For more references about Nephilim, visit Numbers 13:33 and 1 Samuel 17.)

Write verse six out below.


Why did man’s wickedness grieve the heart of God?


APPLY: When someone wrongs you, what is your response? How might it be different or similar to God’s view of our sin today?


Look up the definition of the word favor. What does it mean? Why did Noah have the Lord’s favor?

Continue reading Genesis 6:9-22. Fill in the blanks.

“Noah was a _____________ man, _______________ among the people of his time and he ____________ with ___________.” [Genesis 6:9]

Define in your own words what “righteous” and “blameless” mean? Do these words suggest Noah was perfect? Explain.

APPLY: Is there a season in your life where you were characterized as walking with the Lord? Describe some of the factors playing into your relationship with the Lord at this time.


Name something corrupt. Why is this a powerful word to describe mankind in Noah’s day?


Why did God desire to wipe the earth?


What specifications towards the ark did Noah receive from God?


What is a covenant? How would this have reassured you if you were in Noah’s position?


Name some emotions you might have felt after receiving this command.


How did Noah respond to God’s call?


APPLY: When you feel called by God to do something, what is your reaction? Is it full-hearted obedience or dragging your feet in the mud? Explain.


What aspect of God’s character stood out to you in today’s passages? End this time thanking Him for these qualities.

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