Strong and Courageous | Day Fifteen

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By: Kate Downing

Can you believe it?  Today is the last day of our study on the book of Joshua! I pray you have fallen more in love with God, been challenged to serve Him alone, and learned what it means to be strong and courageous!

God is calling you to the most incredible adventure, life with Him! And living that adventure to the fullest involves strength that comes from trusting God’s power instead of your own and courage that is lived out in your obedience to God’s commands.    

As always, before we read Scripture, pray over these things:

·      Thank the Lord for the opportunity to read and study His Word.

·      Thank Him for calling you to be strong and courageous.

·      Ask Him to speak to you today through Scripture.

Read Hebrews 13:5-6.

 We read these verses on day one of this study. And, we talked about the fact that the word “never” in verse five can be translated “never, ever, ever.”

God had made the same promise to Joshua when He called him to the important and powerful position of leading God’s people into the Promised Land. He made him this promise right before calling him to be strong and courageous for the very first time (Joshua 1:5-6). I think it is significant that we look back at this promise today as we reflect on the things God has taught us.

At the end of each of the last fourteen days, you’ve completed the sentence, “Today, God taught me ___________________________________. 

Look back over the fourteen things God has taught you over the last three weeks and organize them into these two categories:

1)    What has God taught me about His strength?


2)    What has God taught me about being obedient to Him?

If you have some things that don’t fit in these categorize, that’s okay! Just do you best to identify the things that do fit. 


Summarize into 2-3 sentences what God has taught you about His strength.


Spend the next few minutes praising God for teaching you these things.  Ask Him to help you trust His strength and to be the same God for you today as He was for Joshua thousands of years ago.


Summarize into 2-3 sentences what God has taught you about being obedient to Him.


Spend the next few minutes praising God for the opportunity to obey such a trustworthy God. Then ask him to help you to courageously obey Him in the ways and areas He is calling you to do so.

Read Joshua 1:9.

Understanding that being strong and courageous really means trusting God and courageously obeying Him, find a creative way to write or draw out this verse, or find a way to express musically or poetically express what this verse means in your life. Let your creative juices flow or simply write the verse and keep it in a place you will regularly see. 

Be strong and courageous in every conversation, in every interaction, in every part of your life. Be strong and courageous as you continue on the incredible adventure that is living your life to honor God. Be strong and courageous!