Strong and Courageous | Day Four

By: Kate Downing

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I was five years old and in the middle of an intense game of hide-and-go-seek as I stood in front of my grandmother’s clothes dryer. I was listening to my oldest sister explain that the inside of the dryer was the best possible place for me to hide. Being a naïve, yet not completely idiotic five-year-old, I was skeptical of this “perfect hiding spot.”  

But, then I heard my sister say the phrase, “Trust me. I’ll crack open the door, and I won’t forget about you.”  

Whelp, that was all the convincing I needed, and into the dryer drum I climbed.

You might think I was crazy, but I trusted her. I knew her track record for caring for me, and I trusted that she wouldn’t lock me inside that dryer for all of eternity. I took a step of faith. I trusted my sister, and most importantly, I won that round of hide-and-go-seek!

Today, we are diving back into the book of Joshua. We are going to look at a literal step of faith that led to an incredible miracle!

But, first, let’s spend a minute in prayer:

·      Thank the Lord for giving you this time to spend with Him.

·      Ask God to speak to you through His Word today.

·      Ask God to show you where you need to take a step of faith.

Joshua had become the leader of the people of Israel and he was about to lead them into the land (Canaan) God had promised to give them. Canaan was full of other peoples who were not interested in giving up their land for the Israelites.  In fact, these people were some of the most evil people imaginable. We’ll talk more about that on Monday, but for now, just know that the battles Joshua faced were intense.

Read Joshua 3:1-6.

Before they could begin the battle, the people of Israel had to cross over the Jordan River. This was a massive, rushing river that could not be crossed easily.

What did Joshua command the people to do in verse five?


To “consecrate” or “sanctify” means to purify, to confess sins, and to separate yourself from sinful things. God was about to do something wondrous, and the people needed to be ready for it. They needed to be free from the distraction of sin in order to experience the incredible thing God was about to do.

What were the people commanded to follow in verse three?


The Ark of the Covenant of the Lord was a special seat that God had Moses build. God’s presence would rest on this seat in the holiest place of the Tabernacle (the Israelites’ place of worship). This seat represented the presence of God.

Read Joshua 3:7-13. What action did the priests who were caring the Ark of the Covenant have to take before the waters would part?


What did God promise to do to the River (vs. 13)?


What did this incredible miracle prove to the Israelites and the peoples they were about to conquer (vs. 10)?


Read Joshua 3:14-17.


Why do you think God asked the priest to take a literal step of faith into the river before He parted the water?


God had worked a similar miracle for the people of Israel when He parted the Red Sea (Exodus 14), but He did not ask anyone to step out into the water first. He just parted the sea. It’s so interesting that God calls the priests to carry the symbol of His presence out into the water first. He is demonstrating to the people that He is going before them. It is in His strength that they can do all that He is calling them to. He asks that they courageously obey Him stepping out in faith.

We cannot be courageous unless we are willing to step out in faith.

We must trust God to go before us and fulfill His promise. When God calls us to do something, to leave an unhealthy relationship, stand up for someone being bullied, or share the Gospel with a friend, He is asking us to step out in faith. He is asking us to trust Him and courageously obey. He will handle the rest.

Read Joshua 3:17 again. How did God go above and beyond in parting the river?


We serve a God who is able to not only part rivers but dry the ground so we can walk across with ease. When God calls you to step out in faith, you can courageously obey Him because He is trustworthy and powerful!

How is God asking you to step out in faith today?


How can you be courageously obedient to His call?


Close out your time with the Lord today by asking Him to give you the courage and boldness to step out in faith!

Complete this sentence: Today, God taught me­­­­ ___________________________.