Strong and Courageous | Day One

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By: Kate Downing

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In Beauty and the Beast, do you remember the scene where Belle sings about wanting adventure in the great wide somewhere? As a little girl, I used to reenact that scene all the time! I loved her bravery. Belle was always ready for something new and exciting.

I think that’s where my love for adventure began. And, I think it’s my love for adventure that makes the book of Joshua one of my absolute favorite books in the Bible!

The story of Joshua’s life and leadership is jam packed with death-defying adventures. It is filled with impossible situations made possible by an all-powerful God and serves as a reminder that the Lord uses ordinary people for extraordinary purposes. Overall, it is a book about being strong and courageous in every area of life!  

I’m so excited for us to dig into this book together over the next few weeks! But before we dive in, let’s take a few minutes to pray over these things:

  • Thank the Lord for the opportunity to spend time in His Word today.

  • Ask Him to help your heart and mind to be focused on Him.

  • Ask Him to speak clearly to you through His Word.

Ok, let’s do this!  Read Joshua 1:1-5.  

These verses set the scene for the book. What has just happened in verse one? Who was Joshua (vs. 1)?


Joshua was Moses’ assistant—serving under Moses’s direction for many years. He had seen God do incredible things through Moses, and was now being called to step into Moses’ role as leader of the nation of Israel. Talk about big shoes to fill!


Many years before this, Joshua was one of twelve spies sent into the land of Canaan (the land God promised to give the people of Israel).  While most of the spies sent into Canaan thought it was impossible for God to give them the land, Joshua and one other spy believed that if God had promised, He would deliver (Numbers 13).


Fast-forward to what we just read; Joshua is now being called to lead the people to take possession of the land God had promised!  It was because of his great faith that God appointed Joshua to this incredible position of leadership.


Have you ever been asked to take a position of leadership?  What intimidated you about this responsibility?


Read verse 5 again. What did God promise Joshua in this verse?


That is a pretty incredible promise!  How much more incredible is it to know that God promises you the very same thing?


Read Hebrews 13:5-6.


God’s promise to never leave you or forsake you is written in such a way that it can be literally translated into English as, “I will never, ever, ever forsake you.”

God promised to continuously be with Joshua just before He called him to an incredible adventure—and He makes the same promise to you!  God is calling you to head out on the most incredible adventure with Him, a life of being strong and courageous!  He promises to never, ever, ever leave you!  Are you ready for this adventure?  Are you ready to be strong and courageous?


Write down a few words that describe how you feel about God’s promise to always be with you.


Spend the next few minutes, praising God for His incredible promise to you and asking Him to help you be ready to venture out on the incredible adventure He is calling you to!


Complete this sentence: Today, God taught me­­­­ ___________________________.