Jonah | Day Seven

By: Taylor Flatt

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Today feels like a fresh beginning for Jonah. This part of Jonah’s story makes it clear that when God forgives, He truly forgets.

God doesn’t just give Jonah another chance, God gives Jonah the same chance. God gives Jonah the same opportunity to go to Nineveh on His behalf. Jonah still gets to experience the blessing and the fruit of God’s original assignment.

And instead of allowing Jonah’s mistakes to disqualify him from the assignment, God qualifies him anyway.

That’s good news for us.

Let’s jump into the rest of the story together.

Read Jonah 3:1-3.

What does it say about God that He asked Jonah a second time to go to Nineveh? How does Jonah react to the Word of the Lord differently this time?


How do you think Jonah felt about the charge of going to Nineveh this time?


The word of the Lord comes to Jonah a second time and you can imagine how Jonah must have felt after everything that had just happened. Jonah made some pretty big mistakes and yet here God is, still asking Jonah to go to Nineveh, still wanting to use him for the job. God makes it clear that Jonah’s mistakes didn’t disqualify him from being used by God.

Now that’s something to rejoice about. Our mistakes and our sin don’t disqualify us either.

Have you ever felt like your sin or your mistakes have disqualified you from being used by God for great things?


How can this part of Jonah’s story change your perspective?


Think again about the character qualities of God we have been talking about - His graciousness, mercy, and faithful love. How can you see those qualities of God in these verses?

Just like we talked about on the first day of this study, the word of the Lord has come to all of us through the Bible. Jonah had to wait for God’s instructions but we have His word at our fingertips right now.

For all of us there will be days that we mess up and we don’t do what His word asks us to do. But the next day, we can get up and open His word again . The word of the Lord will come to us again through the Bible. And every single day we are given another opportunity to respond to His word.

Read Lamentations 3:22-23.

What character quality of God jumps out at you in this verse?

How does this verse apply to Jonah’s situation at the beginning of chapter 3?


God’s mercies are new to us every single morning. Every day, the word of the Lord comes to us again and everyday we have another opportunity to do the right thing with it.

What will you do with your opportunity today?


Read Jonah 3:4-5.

This time, the Word of the Lord comes to Jonah and Jonah does the right thing with it. He jumps up and he heads off to Nineveh. He’s obedient and the Lord blesses his obedience.

What happens when Jonah preaches to Nineveh?


What do the people of Nineveh do to show their repentance and brokenness?


Who called out to God in repentance?


Are you surprised at all? I sure was! I mean Jonah must be a pretty good prophet for the entire city of Nineveh to turn from their ways and cry out to God in repentance. Imagine the blessing that Jonah would have missed if he hadn’t been obedient to the Lord in going to Nineveh!

There’s so much that rides on our obedience. It’s not just about us.

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