Scandalous Women of the Bible | Day Eight

By: Brittany Green

Happy Wednesday! You’ve made it through half the week. (Although in the summertime, you may not even know what day we’re on!) 

How has your week been? What has God been teaching you? What do you hope for God to do with the rest of your week? How can you walk through today expectant of what the Lord will do?

Today we’re going to look at a woman who lived her life quite scandalously, but was open to being used by God. She may not have known fully what she was getting into, but she was open to God’s prompting and helped spur on God’s people.

Rahab’s story is a familiar one to many of you. So take a moment to write down everything that you know about her.

What was she like, where did she live, who did she help, etc.? (Don’t feel bad at all if you don’t know much about her! I’ve certainly had to do my research this week on her.)

So let’s dig in: Turn to Joshua 2. Rahab’s story falls after the Israelites have entered the Promise Land. They are promised this land by God, but it is inhabited by many other nations. God promises to deliver these nations into the hands of the Israelites. So we find the leader of the Israelites, Joshua, sending some spies into Jericho to see how they might be able to conquer it.

Now read Joshua 2.

What stands out to you in this passage?


What do you notice about the character of the spies? How about the people of Jericho, how do they seem to you? What is Rahab’s character?

Pay special attention to verses 8-14.  We see here that despite living in a very corrupt culture, and living a promiscuous life as a prostitute, Rahab realizes the truth of the One True God. She hides these men on the roof because she knows that they serve God, that God is to be feared, and that His way is right.

Now underline the second half of verse 11. “The Lord your God, He is God in the heavens above and on earth below.”

Do you believe that? How do you live like you believe that?

Take a moment to say that to God today, that you believe that He is God in the heavens above and earth below, that He is the Lord our God in your everyday life.

What was it that the spies told Rahab to put outside of her window?


I find it incredibly scandalous that a woman of her lifestyle, living in Jericho, has even heard of God – much less believes His way is truth. Jesus says in Luke 19:40 that “Even the rocks will cry out” in worship to make God’s name known. Somehow in the midst of chaos, Rahab heard of God’s reputation and saw it as the only way.

Flip to Joshua 6:22-25 to read the rest of Rahab’s story.

Joshua took the city of Jericho by marching around it, and the spies rush in to see if the scarlet rope was still there. With a scarlet rope, Rahab’s life was saved because of her faithfulness to God. And with scarlet blood, our lives are saved because of Jesus’ faithfulness to us. Rahab became part of the Israelite family, was the great-great-grandmother to King David, whose family Jesus the Messiah comes from.

Rahab’s life was redeemed by an act of faith and obedience.

What is God calling you to do today? Is it to believe in faith that Jesus is the way to a right relationship with God? Is it to walk away from a life of disobedience and actually start living for Him for real? Is it to start living like you trust that God has your best in mind, that His way is right and that He works all things for good? Is it to give Him a relationship or struggle?

Take some time to pray to mirror Rahab's obedience and boldness!.