Scandalous Women of the Bible | Day Six

By: Brittany Green

Do you have any friends named Abigail or Abby? I know so many Abby's! And I think most of them are named after the Abigail of the Bible. Have you ever heard her story? I wonder if your Abigail friends could tell her story! I had to do a little research. Her story is pretty great!

Her story and David’s story intersect at a time when David is avoiding King Saul. This portion of 1 Samuel is reminder again and again that God’s timing is best. In 1 Samuel 24, David had the opportunity to attack Saul while he was using the restroom, which would have made David king as he was promised. But David didn’t attack Saul because He knew that it was not God’s timing.

We must wait on His timing. And so the story goes with Abigail. She is used as a reminder of this truth to David.

As you read about Abigail’s courage and wit, take notes of her character traits: what others say about her and what you see by her actions. You can also contrast it with the character traits of her husband, Nabal.

Read 1 Samuel 25. I would encourage you to read this story in the Voice or Message versions:;MSG.[1] These were helpful to me in understanding the full story.

List things you learned about Abigail’s character:


How did you see Abigail follow God in this passage?


What are some ways that you can apply this to your life? What tangible truth can you take from Abigail’s story?


The more I learn about Abigail, the more I wonder why we don’t talk about her more often. She was married to a horrible man. Different translations describe Nabal as foolish, mean, harsh, badly behaved, brutish, bad tempered, but very rich. It makes me wonder how Abs ended up married to him! 

Just from the first mention of her, she is said to be discerning, intelligent, and beautiful. And not many women are described that way in Scripture! Nabal disrespects David, where normal custom would be to invite him to the feast. Abigail swoops in, takes charge and shows David honor. She also reminds David that vengeance alone belongs to the Lord. She slows David down in his retaliation, trusting in God’s faithfulness.

So what do we learn from our girl, Abigail? She was living in pretty unfortunate circumstances. And yet she continued to act humbly and wise. She was scandalously bold, defying her husband and approaching David with gifts.

But what’s most scandalous to me is her confidence that God’s will for Israel and her husband would be done; she recognized and trusted in His ultimate plan. And then she was blessed.

Nabal had a heart attack when he learned the truth of what she had done, dying ten days later. Abigail was called blessed by David, and eventually married him. He saw value and wisdom in her, beyond her beautiful appearance.

So take comfort, dear girls, that God’s plan is good. We can keep expecting the best outcome because God has our best in mind. You may be in a tough circumstance right now. But just as Abigail’s circumstances molded her character, so will yours if you let God work in your life. We can trust in God’s timing. It’s so easy to take control of our lives, to strive after the way that we see as right. But let me tell you, God’s way is better. He can be trusted and ultimately His timing is best.

So what do you need to let go of today? What situation are you striving to put your own timing on? How can you let go of your personal plans and rely on God’s faithful timing? That’s where the scandal comes in, allowing God’s timing to work, perfecting the woman that He’s creating you to be.

Take time to reflect on how this story affects your personal life and your relationship with Jesus.

[1] The Voice is a faithful dynamic translation that reads like a story with all the truth and wisdom of God’s Word, translated phrase-by-phrase from the original language and takes into account cultural assumptions that English translations often miss. The Message is a Greek/Hebrew-based paraphrase of Scripture into today’s language. Both remain true to the original text while taking liberties with the phrasing translating process. Helpful articles on the topic are:;