Scandalous Women of the Bible | Day Five

By: Brittany Green

Who is the coolest, toughest woman you know? What makes her great?

What are some characteristics of admirable women?

The women we’re going to discuss today were strong, courageous, confident, and took charge. They were leaders and did whatever they needed to in order to protect Israel and follow God.

We’re going to the time when Judges ruled Israel. They didn’t have kings yet, so God appointed prophets and judges to make decisions for the people. This was a messy time in Israel’s history. They weren’t always living how they should and they were constantly in battle with the surrounding nations. But through it all, God remained faithful and used His people.

Let’s read Deborah’s story. Read Judges 4.

It gets a bit confusing with so many names, so I found it helpful to write out who was who. This might help you too.

God has handed Israel over to Jabin, a Canaanite king, because they sinned against Him. Deborah tries to get a man named Barak to rally Israel and attack Jabin’s commander, Sisera. Barak is timid and aftraid and won’t fight unless Deborah goes with him. She agrees, but tells Barak that he will not get any credit for the victory. She tells him that God is going to hand Sisera over to a woman. Deborah leads the Israelite army against Sisera and the Canaanites. What a woman! God enables the Israelites to defeat the Canaanites, but Sisera flees. He goes to the tent of a friend of his naed Heber. Heber’s wife welcomes him in, and Sisera things he’s safe. Jael, Heber’s wife, lures him to sleep and drives a tent peg through his head, killing him. Whaaat?!

The victory was led by a woman and the foreign king’s army commander was killed by another woman. This was highly unusual in the ancient world.

I can’t get over this story. These ladies have nothing on Wonder Woman! A tent peg?!

What do you think we can learn from this story? What stands out to you about Deborah or Jael’s character?

Deborah was one of the few judges who did not have a bad reputation. She was a judge and a prophetess. The only other person who held both positions was Samuel. Deborah lived a righteous life and was walking with God so that she could lead her people well.

How do we need to walk more with God so that we too can do the task He’s called us to well?

What is God calling you to do? Just as Deborah was bold in leading her people with confidence, God has certain assignments for us to do in confidence. It might not be driving a tent peg through a guy’s head like Jael, but what bold thing is it?

Because of Deborah’s obedience to God, she blessed and able to sing the song in chapter 5. Notice verse 3. “To the Lord I will sing, I will make melody to the Lord,” she says.

Does your life make a sweet melody to the Lord?

Spend some time asking God to help you to walk with Him in righteousness. And then take some time to listen to what He is calling you to do.