Fruit of the Spirit | Day Eight

By: Stephanie Miller


Have you ever thought about how someone’s tone in their voice can change the meaning of how they’re understood? For instance saying “hello” in a creepy voice doesn’t have the same effect as saying it cheerfully?  


What do you think of when you hear the word gentle?


Read 1 Timothy 6:11.


Several times through this study we have talked about the word pursue. You see it through a lot of the Bible when it says we need to flee (get away from) sin and pursue different attributes or in this case fruits of the spirit. 


What do you think it means to pursue gentleness?


Gentleness isn’t our natural response when things don’t go our way.  Think of a toddler when you tell them no. They typically throw a little hissy-fit and stomp their feet in defiance to let you know they aren’t happy. How do you typically respond when someone makes you mad? Or when you are frustrated? Or tired? It’s really easy to snap at someone and not respond in a Christ-like manner. That’s what God wants from us-- our attitudes.


Read Matthew 5:21-11.


What beatitudes stand out to you Matthew 5? List them out below.


How do the beatitudes show a gentle attitude towards others? Be specific.


Read over Matthew 5 again and pray that the Lord would give you an attitude that glorifies Him.  Pray that your responses towards others would be fueled by love and gentleness. 


When you think about the fruit of the Spirit “self-control”-- what do you think that means?


It goes back to the struggle of “flee v. pursue”.  We aren’t babies anymore-- we can control whether or not we scream, cry, spit up, etc.  In the same way children learn how to control themselves we can too.  We can’t control what happens to us, the drama around us, what others do or say to us-- but we CAN control how we respond!


Read James 1:19-20.

What do these verses say about how we are to respond to others?


What out of this list do you struggle with?


Having self-control can sometimes be quite difficult. Sometimes that last piece of cake looks really good? Or you say something that you shouldn’t when you are mad?  It’s easy just to say “I got caught up in the moment!” and move on. But when God calls us to be self-controlled that means we have to make an active choice to honor Him in our words and actions! This doesn’t mean He wants us to always “pretend to have it under control.” No way! That’s impossible!


God wants our hearts and devotions most of all! To be self-controlled in your walk with Christ means that you make an effort to pursue Him and love other intentionally!


Ask the Lord to reveal an area in your life where you can have more self-control? Your words? Actions? Etc. Commit those areas to the Lord.  Pray that the Lord will be evident and visible in your life to others.

We have spent the last couple of days studying the Fruits of the Spirit. Fruits of the Spirit are the bi-product of a healthy growing relationship with Christ! It’s like cause and effect. Because you are in a growing relationship with Christ the effect (or outcome) will be these fruits in your life. These attributes can only come from knowing who our God is!


For our last day in this bible study you are going to read a famous passage of Scripture in the book of John.  It’s Jesus teaching His disciples about what it means to abide in Him.  To abide with Christ means that we are to remain, stay and dwell in His presence.  Read through the passage a couple of times and then answer the questions below.


Read John 15:1-17.


What does it mean to abide in Christ?


Who is the vine? Who are the branches?


How does the world know that we are Christ followers?


Why are we to love one another?


It’s by understanding who God is that we can live for Him! He is the source!  Fruit is grown on a tree because it is planted and rooted, you don’t see fruit continuing to grow on trees that aren’t alive? The purpose of a fruit tree is to grow fruit! People don’t grow orange trees to simply take up space and look at them? Nope! They take the trouble to cultivate, plant, water and tend to the branches so that the fruit can be enjoyed!


Because of what Christ did for us on the cross we can live a life that honors God! We can do this because God has equipped us! Having an active faith means that you are daily making a decision to pursue Christ and things that glorify Him in your life. It also means that you must be actively trying to cut things that don’t honor Him out of your life!


End out this time and study by reading over John 15 again. Pray to the Lord and ask Him to powerfully demonstrate these fruits as a result of the Spirit's leading in your life!