Fruit of the Spirit | Day Seven

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By: Stephanie Miller

The word “good” is all over the Bible. When God was creating the world, He declared about His creation: it was good. When people talk about the Gospel, they call it the “Good News.” 


What does it mean for God to be good?


In CS Lewis’ book, The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe, there is a famous quote describing Aslan the Lion: “...of course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the king I tell you.”


Have you seen the movie Chronicles of Narnia? CS Lewis created the character Aslan to be a picture of who God is.  He’s not safe because he’s a powerful lion-- but he’s good and on our side! In the same way that Aslan is powerful-- so is God! He is all-powerful!


The Psalms say that mountains bow down and oceans roar and the sound of His Name! Wow! God’s power is great and mighty, but it is comforting when we see it in the light of His goodness. The God who is all-powerful & mighty is the same God who is good & wise.


Let's take a look at Psalm 107:1. 


Why are we supposed to give thanks to the Lord? What does this mean?


We know that God has what’s best for us in mind. We know that we can trust in who God is: kind, merciful and faithful. God’s Word says that all good things come from God and we can’t separate what’s good from Him.


Now, read Psalm 16:2, James 1:17 and Psalm 84:11.


Rewrite one of these verses in your own words below. Think about what each of these verses say about God’s character and what He desires for us. What does He want to give us? Do these verses say that we can trust God?



Read Psalm 73:28.


According to this verse, it’s good to be what?


This verse says that our goodness comes from what? The nearness of our God. How awesome is that to think about? We’ve made God our refuge (we can trust Him) and because of that we have to tell others about Him! 



Let's change gears a little bit. Read James 1:17.


This verse reminds us again about how everything good and perfect in life comes from God.  So neat to study the fruits of the Spirit found in Scripture and how intertwined they all are in God’s character! 


Notice the second half of this verse it says that God doesn’t change like what?


How awesome it is to know that God doesn’t change like the shadows do every time the sun or light changes. God is steady-- consistent. He’s not going to stop being God. Ever.  He’s faithful.  


We live in a world where “faithfulness” isn’t always celebrated. Often times it’s the things that are fast paced, spontaneous and always transient that are celebrated. Here we study that God is FAITHFUL. He is STEADY… CONSISTENT… CONSTANT.  These are attributes that we cannot pursue without Him!


Think of someone in your life that you would describe as a “faithful follower of Christ”. Why did you think of that person? What about their life makes you describe them as faithful?


What does it mean for God to be faithful?


Read Psalm 25:8-10.


What does this verse say that the Lord does?


Not only is the Lord unchanging-- He is always faithful towards us!  How crazy is that? Think about how often we are unfaithful towards God (in our attitudes, actions, words, etc.).  God is always faithful to provide, protect & do what’s best for us because of His great love for us. 


Praise God for always being on the throne. Praise Him for His faithfulness in your life time and time again. Pray that you would be called faithful in your commitment to Him.