Fruit of the Spirit | Day Five

By: Stephanie Miller 

Do you have anything in your closet that has a peace sign on it? We see peace signs everywhere. Every beauty queen always wants world peace. Why is that?


Why do you think this is a fruit of the Spirit?


First off, let’s talk about how we have peace with God.  We see this through Christ’s death. 


Read Romans 5:1-2.  Why do we have peace with God?


Read Isaiah 26:3-4.

This is describing the peace of the nation of Israel given by God, but it also applies to our lives because we know that God is the giver of peace.  We find individual peace by our minds staying on God (v.3).  This is by trusting that God is faithful and alone worthy of our trust.


According to verse 4, why should we trust in the Lord forever?


Read Philippians 4:7.


Just like we know we can be joyful and content during trials, we know that we have peace from God.  He says in this verse that He will guard our hearts and minds in Christ.


Why is this important to remember?


Read Colossians 3:15.


What do you think it means to for the peace of Christ to rule in your heart?


The word rule here is talking about a form of authority-- we are choosing to let Christ’s peace rule our hearts and ultimately guide our hearts.  We choose to trust God that He has our best interest in mind. That He is working for our good-- just like your parents always say, “I know what’s best for you.” This is an active choice we make! We choose to trust God. We do this by reminding ourselves who we are trusting in!

Peace isn’t something that just comes naturally to us.  As girls, we can sometimes stir trouble and drama up faster than anybody else! However, we are not only called to live a life at peace with the Lord, but with one another, as well.

Read Psalm 34:13-14.

What does it mean to keep our tongues and lips from speaking deceit? (ex: gossip, lying, etc.)


Read 2 Timothy 2:22.


What things are we supposed to pursue according to this verse?


Notice the use of pursue here. It’s an action word! We have to choose to be at peace with others. We have to actively try to be at peace, loving and faithful towards others.

In a drama filled world, this is an active choice! We have to be thinking of peace when it comes to our words, actions, texts, etc.  This doesn’t mean we won't experience conflict with others. It’s okay to disagree and have situations that need to be dealt with. However, we must always resolve conflict biblically and with peace as the end goal. 


Take a moment and look through your texts from the last couple of days. Was there any text that you sent that would have been sent differently if you had these verses above in mind? Is there somebody that you need to ask forgiveness from? Or someone that you need to actively pursue peace with more?


Pray for the relationships, people or situations that always seem to bring you heartache.  Ask the Lord to speak peace over these situations. Pray that the Lord will give you the wisdom and words to show His peace to others today.