Flourish | Day Two

By: Megan Gover

Hey-o! What truths did you uncover while re-reading the Parable of the Soils yesterday? Look over your notes to refresh what you’ve learned.


Now re-read Matthew 13:1-9.  


Jesus often used parables, or a story representing a spiritual truth, while teaching. In this particular parable, Jesus tells of a farmer throwing seeds all over his land.


Who do you believe the farmer represents?


What do the seeds represent?


What do the different soils represent in our spiritual lives?


What was the point of this parable? 


Farmers used to throw seeds into the field, hoping they would sprout crops. As this specific farmer threw a handful of seed, we see four different soils they fall on and the end-result for each.


But, what’s the spiritual application? In in this parable, the farmer represents anyone telling another person the Good News of Jesus—including our pastor, parent, or us ourselves! And the seed is the Gospel. Essentially, Jesus used farming terms such as planting seeds to show how the human heart can respond and react to the Good News of Jesus. Let’s look at these soils a little closer.


Read Matthew 13:19. What would be an example of someone responding to the Gospel in this way? What words would you use to describe them?


This type of soil reflects a person who is so calloused by their sin that they cannot feel the weight of God’s grace. They are desensitized to all hope and understanding. The Gospel can’t grow them because they won’t receive it.


Let’s move on to the rocky soil. Read Matthew 13:20-21.


What is the cause of this person’s rejection of the Gospel? Why is it important to be spiritually rooted in Christ?


A person who believes the Cross to be good, yet doesn’t let it transform them is not fully aware of the power of Jesus. Therefore, a response like the rocky soil has a hard time taking root in this person’s life.


Next, we find the thorny soil. Read Matthew 13:22.


What chokes this soil from being fruitful? How have these things personally distracted you from growing in the likeness of Jesus?


Ultimately, all of these soils are hard, calloused, and unfruitful. But, Jesus lastly talks about the good soil.


Read Matthew 13:23.


What sets this soil apart from the first three?


What role does understanding the Gospel play in living out the Gospel?


Currently in your life, are you growing bad fruit, good fruit, or no fruit?


Jesus makes it painstakingly clear. The good soil is the only one that grows.


And if we want to be marked by unparalleled growth in our relationship with Christ, we must be undeniably changed by the Gospel.


Have you ever asked Jesus to forgive you of your sins? If so, write out the moment you switched from death to life!


If you have never surrendered your sin, life, and heart to the Lord, you can easily do so today! It doesn’t involve a fancy prayer or pastor for you to accept Jesus’s love and death for you on the Cross.

All you have to do is…


ADMIT you are a sinner—you’ve messed up, done wrong, and disobeyed.

BELIEVE Jesus died on the Cross for your sins—yep, He loved you enough to lay down His life for you!

Confess Him as the Lord of your life—you’re tired of your old ways and want to surrender your life to follow Him!


The Bible says in Romans 10:9: "If you declare with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”


Saved from your sin.

Saved from your emptiness.

Saved from yourself.


Pray out loud these things to God and the Lord will forever forgive you! *Note: If you or a friend recently made the decision to follow Christ, we would love to hear about your story. Please reach out to us through social media or email!*


If we want to grow in Jesus’ likeness, we must know Him.

And to know Jesus means to be rooted in Him.


Today we laid the foundation of our faith. The next two weeks will be focused on how we grow on top of it!


Spend the rest of this time thanking Christ for His sacrifice. Through the cross, we have an open relationship with Him. While deeply praising the Lord for His love, ask Him to open your eyes to one person you are called to share the Gospel with this week!