Flourish | Day One

By: Megan Gover

What’s the first word you think of when you hear the word flourish? Due to my parents and grandparents owning a flower shop, I initially think of fresh cut flowers. If you’ve ever been around blooming flowers, you know their scent freshens a room. They are a fragrant, thriving, and a delicate kind of beauty.

Yet on the other hand, a dead arrangement rivals that of a dirty diaper! Decaying flowers scrunch your nose and foul your senses. No one wants to receive a dead bouquet. Everyone wants one that’s blooming, vibrant, and lively!

In the same way, most of us want our spiritual walks to be characterized as flourishing. Between the choice of small faith or radical, life-draining legalism or life-giving love, feeling powerless over sin or powerfully yielded to the Holy Spirit, we would always want the latter.

But, sometimes we allow things—like our flesh, daily lives, or certain circumstances--to wedge between our desire and discipline. As a result, we settle for less than God’s best in our lives.

The heart of the matter isn’t if we want to flourish in our relationship with Christ. Rather, it’s how do we grow in our walk with the Lord—especially when our feelings and other factors get in the way?

How do we grow in our relationship with Jesus when volleyball consumes our schedule? Or when summer vacations and camps and mission trips flood our schedule? Or when sin cramps our spiritual style? Or when our summer camp high sets in and slowly fades away?

Luckily, our God is consistent even when our schedules and souls and spiritual lives aren’t. And thankfully, He wants us to flourish in our walks with Him more than we could ever imagine!

Over the next few weeks, we will be unpacking how we grow in our relationship with Jesus even when our circumstances don’t encourage us to do so. If you’ve ever felt like Netflix is more appealing than the New Testament, flourishing isn’t fun, or desert seasons have quenched your spiritual thirst, then buckle up buttercup! We will be diving into different seasons we walk through and how we cling to Jesus in the midst of all of them.

Eek! I’m so excited to launch this summer study with you! I believe the next few months can serve as a catalyst for all of us to seek Jesus unlike ever before. Therefore, before we start this new study, would you join me in praying this simple prayer over the next few months with me?

Lord, may this summer be marked by an increase in my love for you, a love for your Holy Spirit, and a love for your Word. AMEN!

 Though I asked the question earlier, I never really gave you room to respond.


What do you think of when you hear the word flourish?


If you had to describe flourish to a third grader, how would you describe it?


Look up the dictionary definition here. Now name a time your walk with the Lord could be characterized by this word.  


What helped you experience deep growth in your relationship with Jesus? Were you being discipled, reading your Bible, or being held accountable by a small group leader? What encouraged you to seek Jesus?  


Would you characterize your walk with Jesus in the same way today? What’s different in your life now then the times you mentioned above?


Before we can really begin to even discuss how to grow in different aspects of life, we must first understand who we are in Christ.


We must be deeply rooted in the Gospel.


Therefore, your homework for today is to read Matthew 13:1-9. Ask the Lord to give you understanding! As you read through this parable, make notes about the following:


The farmer –


The seeds –


The four soils -


The Path - 


The Rocky Soil -


The Thorny Soil-


 The Good Soil –


Tomorrow we will come back to this passage and dissect it verse by verse!