Anxiety | Day Six

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By: Morgan Eseke

Growing up in the church I became familiar with phrases like, “give it to God” or the idea of “letting Jesus take the wheel.” Those all seemed like very good ideas, and while the advice was well intended, the truth was this: I just wasn’t sure how to actually do that. Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you try to give your worries over to God, the darn things keep following you around? Me too!


Lately I’ve learned that I often struggle to fully release my worries to God, because I forget about the other part of the equation. We often quote the latter part of 1 Peter 5:7—“cast all your anxieties on Him”—but tend to forget the command that comes just before in verse 6.


Look up 1 Peter 5:6-7 again. What does verse 6 encourage us to do?


What does it mean to humble yourself under God’s mighty hand?


Humility it the opposite of pride. Humble people recognize they are not in control, that they have no authority or power to decide the future anyways! Prideful people still believe they are in control. Humble people trust on God.  Prideful people take matters into their own hands and worry along the way.


Let’s be real, the world and today’s culture loves to tell us that we ARE in control. “You are the director of our destiny,” culture says. The world tells us that we can be whoever you want to be—business leader or super model, male or female, straight or gay. It tricks us into thinking that we can find our own joy and peace if we just buy this gadget or loose a few more pounds or date that guy.


To combat the world’s messages, we must keep God’s Word on our heart!


It’s not enough to toss our worries at God while we continue to soak up the messages of the world. We’ve got to allow the Holy Spirit to replace those worries with something else: a true understanding of who God is and who we are in relation to Him.


Let’s look up one more passage to remind ourselves of God’s character once again.


Look up Romans 8:37-39.


What does this passage tell you about who you are as a follower of Christ?


What does this passage tell you about who God is?


Aren’t you thankful that you don’t have to be self-reliant? Instead we have the freedom to humble ourselves under the mighty hand of a God who calms the waves and silences the storms! We are conquerors through him who love us.

Take a few minutes to thank God for his love for you. Ask Him to continue to remind you of your identity as a chosen daughter of the Most High King. Ask Him to show you the things in life you are still trying to take into your own hands and then cast those anxieties on His capable, loving shoulders. He cannot wait to hear from you today!