Anxiety | Day Five

By: Morgan Eseke

The past few days we have been talking about worry and anxiety. In days 1 and 2, we used the analogy of waves to represent the seemingly endless stream of worries that cause us anxiety. With finals week and the end of the school year approaching, I can only imagine you’ve got your fair share of waves!


List a few of the “waves” that are crashing in on your life today:


Yesterday, we discussed how a clear understanding of the character of God shrinks our worries. When we truly understand that He is loving and righteous, that he makes no mistakes, our worries become much less scary. We have no reason to fear or be anxious about what might happen when we realize our future is held by the trustworthy One!


Let’s take another look at the character of God in a story about Jesus.


Look up Mark 4:35-41.


Why were the disciples afraid?


What did Jesus do after they woke him up?


Fill in the blank from verse 41. “Who is this? Even the _____________________ obey him!”


Doesn’t that just make you want to scream, “Amen!” THAT’S our Jesus, y’all! THAT’S the God the we serve! Even the wind and the waves obey Him!


He can handle our worries. He can be trusted with that AP History final or the group project that has turned out to be a huge mess. He can handle the drama going on in your friend group. He can be trusted with your big decisions about the future. But first, we must call upon Him just like the disciples did in the boat.


Look up Matthew 11:28-30.


What does Jesus want us to do when we are weary and burdened?


Are you in the habit of doing this when you are worried?


Finally, please read Hebrews 4:16.


What does this verse tell you about how you should approach God with your worries?


Spend a few minutes bringing your “waves” to the Throne of Grace in prayer this morning. You are a beloved child of the King, friend. The One sitting on the throne is eager to hear what is on your heart. Come to him.