Fruit of the Spirit | Day One

By: Stephanie Miller

Read God's Word today while eating some of your favorite fruit! 

A tree bears fruit for two reasons. A) It is rooted deep beneath the ground and B) it is a certain type of tree. For example, you don’t find trees that have several different kinds of fruit growing on them-- a tree only bears apples or oranges. Just like trees, we as Christians also bear fruit. And the spiritual fruit evident in our lives is marked by how we honor or disobey the Lord.

Throughout this study, we will unpack the fruits of the Holy Spirit, so we may live by the Spirit instead of our sin. 

Let's begin by reading Galatians 5:16-24. 


When we become a Christian, our life is no longer about ourselves-- it’s about the One who created us. You have the Holy Spirit in your heart & mind telling you how you should live! Everything from what you wear, how you act, and what you say: all these things reflect whom you are living for. 


Let's dissect this passage verse by verse.


Verses 16-17: flesh vs. spirit

What does it mean to walk in the flesh?


What does it mean to walk in the spirit?


Verses 19-23: fruit of flesh vs. fruit of the spirit 

Chart the two differences:


Fruit of the Flesh (verses 19-21)


Fruit of the Spirit (verses 22-23)


Which of these "bad" fruits are evident in your life?


Which of these "spiritual" fruits are evident in your life? Which ones are lacking? 


During this Bible Study we are going to examine what God’s Word says about each specific fruit of the spirit, not only how we as believers can live it out, but also how we see this fruit displayed in God’s character towards us. The cool thing about our God is He is the perfect picture of all of these fruits.  He is our perfect peace and joy! We see God’s love lived out through Jesus Christ. 

Take a moment and examine your heart and life. Write out a prayer below and ask the Lord to reveal to you areas in your life where you can better glorify Him.Take a moment and think about one of the fruits of the Spirit that you have seen in God’s character in your life.  Write out a prayer of gratitude to God for revealing Himself to you.