Flourish | Day Eight

By: Megan Gover

I love the story of Jesus rising Lazarus from the dead! Don't you? The Lord's power and glory was ultimately displayed through Martha and Mary's delayed hope. However, today we are going to look at another way the Lord displays His power and glory in our lives through the "mountain top" experiences we go through! 

As we begin today's Scripture, invite the Holy Spirit into this time. Ask Him to show up and show off His mighty love and power to you personally! 

Have you ever heard someone use the phrase mountaintop experience? If so, what did they mean by that? If not, what do you think this phrase could mean? 


What causes a mountaintop experience? When do most people think of having a deep, spiritual moment? 


Name a time you experienced an intense amount of emotion in your walk with the Lord. Jot down some of the feelings you encountered, where sparked your emotions, and the details around these certain seasons. 


I think most of us equate having a heighten spiritual relationship with Christ when we are closest to Him. Out of the outpour of our spiritual disciplines, the Lord shows up in a way so powerful, we want to stay there forever! 

In your life, do these spiritually high seasons last forever? 


Friend, you are not alone if the intensity you felt about Jesus at summer camp, Disciple Now, or weekend retreat wears off! In fact, as believers, we are not called to live solely off our emotional, spiritual highs. Perhaps no better example of someone wanting to remain in such a content, spiritual state would be Peter, John, and James during Christ's transfiguration. 

Turn to and read Mark 9:2-12. 

Where does Jesus physically lead Peter, James, and John? 


What does transfigured mean?


In the original Greek language, transfigured meant metamorphoō: to change into another form. What do you think of when you hear metamorphosis? My mind instantly jumps to think of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. But, more brilliant than any insect transformation, Jesus transformed to His most glorious, radiant, powerful self. 

How does Mark describe His transformed appearance? 


Who appeared with Jesus and the disciples? 


What do you know about these two: 






Moses was the man chosen to lead Israel out of Egypt. Though his story reveals his failings and fleeing, he ultimately led millions of Israelites towards the Promised Land, but not into it. During this time, Moses went up to a mountain (catching a theme here?!) and penned the Ten Commandments on tablets straight from the mouth of God. Therefore, the Israelites viewed Moses as the Father of the Old Testament Law. (For more info on His life, study the book of Exodus.) 

Elijah, on the other hand, symbolized the Prophets. His life was filled with great turmoil and suffering, yet boldness and authority. (For more info on His life, study the second half of 1 Kings.)

Therefore, knowing more about their lives, why is it significant these two were on top of the mountain?  


The Lord was wanting to show these three disciples that Jesus came to fulfill the law and the prophets. He was the awaited Messiah! 


What was Peter's reaction to all of this? 


How does your reaction to these spiritual highs mimic that of Peter's? 


What was the purpose of the mountain top? 


It's natural for us to want to dwell in the mountaintops of life, but it's crucial we don't.

There is always a valley somewhere along the mountain. The disciples even experienced this! What is the section title of Mark 9:14-29? 


They walked from the highest of highs to seeing Jesus' power and glory to having to heal a demon possessed boy. 


Tomorrow, we will unpack how we grow in the mountaintops of life instead of growing comfortable. But for now, end this time thanking the Lord for the sweet spiritual seasons you've had with Him and for those to come!