Flourish | Day Five

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By: Megan Gover

Holla! It's finally the weekend! 👏👏👏👏 I hope you get some well-needed rest over the next few days, so you can finish school strongly.

Before we reflect on this past week, I wanted to let you know we will be changing up our studies from how we've done them in the past. Instead of doing studies every day of the week, we are only going to post Monday through Friday devotions. 

We know life can be hectic and sometimes we fail to make God's Word a priority each day. Giving five devotions a week allow your weekends to serve as a grace period if you missed a day or two! 

Before we get started with the last devotional for the week, spend some time thanking the Lord for His Word. What a treasure and joy it is to unpack the truth's about our God, His power, and His plan for our lives! 

Do a little recap of what you learned each day this week. 


Monday - 

Tuesday - 

Wednesday - 

Thursday - 


How has the Gospel impacted the way you think, live, and speak this week? 


How has God grown you these past few days? What areas of your walk has He stretched you in? 


What things has He convicted you of? Have you repented of them? Why or why not? 


What verse(s) served as a catalyst of change in your walk with the Lord? Which verse(s) did you wrestle with? 


Choose one of the verses we studied this week and memorize it next week. 


One of the ways we as believers grow in our walk with the Lord is through meditating on the works, words, and wonder of the Lord. Let's see what Psalm 1 has to say about this! 

Read all of Psalm 1. 

What's the significance of the progression of verbs (walk, stand, sit) of those talked about in verse one? 


Who are these people contrasted against? 


What does the word delight mean? 


What does it mean to delight in law of the Lord?


Honestly speaking, would you say your heart's desire is to delight in the law of the Lord? Why or why not? 


What does it mean to meditate on his law? 


According to verse three, what is the byproduct of cherishing God's Word? 


Someone who loves God's Word, grows fruit. They flourish! 


I love what John Piper says about this passage! 

"If you delight in the Word of God and meditate on it day and night you will yield your fruit in season. You will be a fruitful person. O for more fruitful people! You know them. They are refreshing and nourishing to be around. You go away from them fed. You go away strengthened. You go away with your taste for spiritual things awakened. Their mouth is a fountain of life. Their words are healing and convicting and encouraging and deepening and enlightening. Being around them is like a meal. This is the effect of delighting in the Word of God and meditating on it day and night. You will yield fruit in season."

John Piper, Desiring God Blog

What does verse 5-6 say about the wicked? What is the fruit of their actions? 


If we want to flourish, we must delight in God's Word and be disciplined enough to know it. As we end this time, reflect on all the truth you've learned about the Lord, sin, and confession this week. How can you speak this over yourself this weekend?