The Gospel of John | Day Fourteen

By: Brittany Green | Denied

"Making the decision to be home-schooled required me to put a lot of faith in God. You see, I had been in public school up until 9th grade, but was tired of the constant drama and pettiness looming the halls of my school. With much prayer, my family and I found a school program that felt manageable and doable. ⠀

It took patience to adjust to a different way of learning, but I absolutely love it. I had a couple of friends who were already home schooled which helped me with the transition. God put me in the perfect place. As a result, I have grown closer to God, my family, and my friends!"⠀

Hannah, Junior

Yesterday we talked about how even Jesus’ enemies bow down to Him. But he was arrested. So how do His closest friends and disciples respond?

Before we get started, spend some time in prayer and reflection over how you respond to others knowing you follow Jesus.

Read John 18:15-27.

Do you know what it means to hit rock bottom? Have you heard that phrase? It’s typically used when someone is not living right and finally gets to a point when their lives can’t get any worse. For Peter, this was rock bottom.

Peter was considered one of three in Jesus’ inner circle. He was extremely close to Jesus. He was the first to announce and understand that Jesus was the Messiah; he walked on water; only Peter, James, and John were present for Jesus raising Jairus’ daughter; those three were also the only ones there during the transfiguration when Jesus’ face glowed as he met with Elijah and Moses. It was Peter that Jesus said he’d build His church upon. Peter was a leader among the disciples. He was always quick to claim that he’d never leave Jesus or betray him.

And yet he denies not once but three times…just as Jesus said he would. The moment that rooster crowed must have been one of those moments when his stomach dropped and dread and guilt filled him. I can’t imagine what he must have felt. Can you?

Maybe we can.

How many times do we become like Peter? We get scared of our circumstances. We can’t see the big picture, even though it’s laid out for us and so we distrust? We forget that God is still on the throne and we go into protection mode. And unfortunately, instead of being present in a moment that God could use, we take the moment back into our own hands. We forget to trust God and so we miss out on the holy. The rooster crows and we realize that we’ve missed it.

It might be small things that you deny God with. Do you deny God the opportunity to speak to a classmate that no one else talks to? How about denying God the trust He deserves over where you’re going to college or what job to get? So often denial looks like control and plans. It’s clenched fists, keeping everything in our lives in order, but denying God the opportunity to show up and be faithful.

So what is it that you’re denying God of today?

 He has a master plan. He has overcome the world and is alive and active, working in your life. He has plans to use you in huge ways and in small ways, but we’ve got to trust Him and quit denying God. So listen to His voice and know that His way is best. You don’t want to miss what He has for you. Spend time listening today.

P.S. Peter’s story picks up in a few days. We’ll find out what happens after that rooster crows.