The Gospel of John | Day Twelve

By: Brittany Green | The Priestly Prayer 

"I made my personal decision to accept Christ when I was seven and was baptized a few years later. When I was little, I attended camps, Bible study events, and vacation Bible school. However, when I was old enough, I started volunteering at church events. Serving the local church created a whole new experience for me in my walk with the Lord! 

For example, leading a group of middle schoolers on Wednesday nights has taught me the importance of discipleship and teaching God's Word. Also, I recently made a decision to go on a mission trip to the Rio Grande Valley. I was a little nervous because it was my first mission trip, but was ultimately super excited! 

My work team painted the house of a family with nine kids. Nine! We painted in the morning and played with their kids in the afternoon. Towards the end of the trip, the parents told us that their children waited for us every morning by the window. They were so excited to see us that we were the only thing they talked about that week! 

When they told us this, it brought tears to my eyes. This family has since gotten involved in the local church. The seeds we planted of loving and serving our neighbors grew into Christ-centered community for them. This trip opened my eyes in many life-changing ways and I hope the Lord keeps working in my life in this way!" 

Natalie, Sophomore

Today we’re closing out Jesus’ time with His disciples. They have taken the Passover together, He’s washed their feet, He charged them to be known by their love (Jn. 13.35), and He explained how to be connected to the life source. So then what? Jesus prays for them. And for us. Did you know that Jesus actually prayed for you while He was on earth? Does that send chills through you like it does me?

We’re going to look today at Jesus’ conversation with God the Father for Himself and for us.

So read John 17. But as you read it, read it out loud to yourself.

Now, we’re going to do something a little different. Reread John 17 slowly, and as you do think about and pray the following:

John 17:1-6: Praise God for Jesus, for the cross, for the goodness that He gives. Adore Him for who He is – Creator of the universe and Savior of the world.

John 17:7-11: Take a moment to think about how good it is that God protects us. Pray for any friends or family members who are in harm’s way right now.

John 17:12-13: Think through your joy. Ask Jesus to fill you with His joy. It’s not dependent on our circumstances. So ask the Lord to help you to choose joy today.

John 17:14-15: Reflect on how you’re participating in God’s work. Ask God to guide you and to use you to advance His Kingdom.

John 17:16-17: Ask God to make you more like Jesus.

John 17:18-20: Think about someone you know that doesn’t know Jesus. Pray for that person’s salvation and ask God to open conversations with them. Also pray for boldness that He will give you the words to speak.

John 17:21-23: Spend a moment telling God what you love about Him.

John 17:24-25: Praise God that He has made an eternal home for you in heaven and ask Him to put a longing in your heart for His will and not earthly things.

John 17:26: Ask God to teach you to love others as Jesus loves us.

End this time with journaling through this chapter!