Power of Prayer | Day Twelve

By: Callie Clayton

Hopefully throughout this study, you have started to understand the lifeline and power prayer affords us. Jesus gives us no better example of this! 

Before Jesus was taken into custody of the Jews before His crucifixion, He prayed the high priestly prayer found in John 17. Let's take a closer look at who He specifically prayed for. 

Read John 17:1-5. 

Write this section of His prayer in your own words. 


What truths does Jesus declare in these verses? 


Who is Jesus ultimately praying for? 


What words + themes are repeated? What was Jesus referring to in glorifying the Son and eternal life? 


Now, read John 17:6-19. 


Who is Jesus praying for in this section? 


What part of Jesus' prayer for His disciples stands out to you? 


Why is it so important that Jesus prayed for their protection and sanctification (or the process of becoming holy?


Lastly, read John verses 20-26.  


Who is this passage's prayer directed towards? 


That's right--Jesus prayed for both you and me! What would be one word you use to specifically name what Jesus asks for future believers? 


How does our unity display our faith to the world? 


The way we love one another--the way we serve, treat, and speak to each other--is one of the biggest testimonies of the Lord's goodness in a broken and hurting world. 


What steps do you need to take to live out a life of unity? 


Overall, in Jesus' greatest moment of desperation, His first reaction was to turn to His Father. If we began to see prayer as a spiritual jalapeño, we would be awakened and energized by the community, confession, and comfort Christ's presence can be for us! 

End today praying for Christ to be glorified, your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and those who would come to know Jesus!