Power of Prayer | Day Fourteen

By: Callie Clayton

We have covered so much about prayer in the past two weeks! I’m so proud of you for sticking it out and challenging yourself to grow in the way you communicate with your heavenly Father. Your relationship with Him will be so much better because of it.

But what about those moments in life where you just don’t know what to pray for? Or when you’re so overwhelmed by your emotions that you don’t even have the ability to say anything—let alone something that makes sense?

Choose a few of the emotions below that might cause you to feel unable to pray.


Fear               Disappointment               Anger                        Confusion

Apathy                                 Joy                  Weariness


Can you remember a time when you didn’t know what to pray for?


Check out Romans 8:26-28 for some crazy good news!


What does the word intercede mean?


According to Romans 8:26, who intercedes (intervenes) on our behalf?


(If you want to know more about the Holy Spirit, flip over to John 14:16-17 to see how and why He shows up in our life.)


Isn’t it great news to realize that if you are a Christian, the Holy Spirit will pray on your behalf?! He will speak directly to your heavenly Father expressing those things that you don’t even have the words for.


Look at verse 27. The Spirit intercedes for us according to what?


Why is it important that the Holy Spirit pray for things that align with God’s Will?


Do you believe Romans 8:28?


Why might that verse be easy for us to misunderstand?


Have you ever prayed for something and the opposite happened?


Why are you tempted to believe that this verse contradicts some of the events that have happened in your life?


When it comes to our prayers, we can trust that God knows how to answer them better than we do. He has infinite wisdom and can see a much bigger picture than you and me! Our faith requires us to trust God and His purposes even if they don’t make sense to us. If you believe the Bible is Truth, then you have to include this verse. God might be working things out for a greater purpose, but we know that ultimately, it’s good!


How does this passage (Romans 8:26-28) encourage you?


Praise God that He not only has plans that far surpass our own, but that He has given us a Helper in the Holy Spirit!


Even though we’ve come to the end of our study on prayer, don’t neglect your prayer journal! Keep track of the requests you make, the praises you give, and the answers you receive. They will become precious memories between you and your Creator!