Power of Prayer | Day Thirteen

By: Callie Clayton 

Do you have a friend doing this study with you? If so, you’re gonna need her today! If not, invite someone to join you. Having a friend that wants to go deeper in her relationship with God not only keeps you accountable, but gives you a partner in the journey!


Write down a few things that are easier with two or three people than with one person.


Circle any of those things you have personally tried to do by yourself.


Why are those things easier with more people?


Jesus likes it when we have people around us that spur us on in our relationship with Him. He understands the value of close friendship. When He was on earth, He did almost everything with 12 men. Jesus also understands the value in joining together in prayer. During Jesus’ last hours on earth, He asked those men to pray with Him and for Him.


Check it out in Matthew 26:36-41.


Have you ever been in a time of distress and you just wanted people to be with you?


Have you ever asked someone to pray for you?


Have you ever asked someone to pray with you?


It’s a very humbling request isn’t it?


What prevents you from asking someone to pray with you?


Under what circumstance would you ask someone to pray with you?


Flip over to Matthew 18:19-10.


What does Jesus promise us in these verses?


Do you have a friend or two that would come up beside you and pray with you in a time of need?


If you and your friends are praying together in Jesus’ name, Jesus promises to be with you!


This tells me two things that Jesus cares about:



Which of those two things are more difficult for you?


Is there something going on in your life that you need to share with a friend and pray about together?


I challenge you to call a friend today. If there is nothing that you would like to pray about in your own life, ask if there is something that you can pray with her about. Begin a habit of leaning on your friends and talking to God together! Conversations are always better with more people, right?