Power of Prayer | Day Ten

By: Callie Clayton

The verse we’re looking at today is one of my favorites! If we can take the small things to the Lord, we must also start thinking BIG when it comes to our prayer life! It’s true God wants us to include Him in the little details and the obvious things in our life, but just as much He wants us to believe in His power!


Check out Matthew 17:20. 


In your journal draw what you think a mustard seed looks like.


Next to it, draw your interpretation of a mountain.


Maybe your mountain looks like mine…a puny triangle. That’s okay! Use your imagination and hold a picture of an actual, majestic, snow peaked mountain in your mind’s eye.


Is it actually possible for anyone or anything to move a mountain from one spot to another? 


Why not?


Look at your mustard seed. Do you think something that small could have the power to move a mountain?


Absolutely not! I have this super cute necklace with a charm that has a mustard seed embedded in it. I have freckles bigger than that mustard seed! It’s a crazy reminder that my faith, even if small, can be magnified when I have faith in a Mighty God!


What does Jesus mean when He says that if we have faith that small, impossible things are possible?


Have you ever seen God do something “impossible”? If yes, what was it?


Is there something in your life that you would like to happen but you don’t think is possible? Write down a few things that come to mind.


We’ve focused on one verse in this story, but let’s read it in context to get a better idea of what Jesus means. Read Matthew 17:14-20.


What prevented the disciples from being able to do something everyone thought was impossible?


According to this verse, what actually causes the mountain to move?


Faith. Faith in a God who is powerful enough to do impossible things!


Turn in your Bible to read Psalm 147:5.


As you look back over your list of things that seem impossible, talk to God about them. Humbly ask Him to do the impossible and pray Psalm 147:5 over those things. Ask God to give you the faith required to see Him work in powerful ways.