Power of Prayer | Day Eleven


By: Callie Clayton

Did you notice a change in your heart and mind when you were fixated on praising your Creator and Savior? No wonder we were meant to praise God! Praising Him changes us from the inside out.

Another thing that changes our hearts and minds is thankfulness. Often times our prayer life can consist of more requests than it does remembering and reflecting on how past requests have been answered.

Do you ever fall into that trap of asking God for things more often than thanking Him for things?


On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the least, 10 being the most) how often do you incorporate these things into your prayers?

  • Asking God to do something I consider a small request
  • Asking God to do something I consider a big request
  • Praising God for who He is
  • Thanking God for how He’s answered my prayers

We talked a little bit about thankfulness when we looked at Philippians 4:6. If you’re a note taker, flip back over in your journal to see what you recorded in that lesson.


Look up Psalm 9:1.


We’re supposed to give thanks to God with what?


What does the word “whole” mean?


Is it possible to only be thankful with part of your heart? Why or why not?


According to this verse, we are thankful when we recount what?


List 3 “wonderful deeds” that you are thankful God has done for you:






Is it possible for you to be thankful even if God didn’t answer your prayer in the way you wanted Him to answer it?


What role does thankfulness play in bitterness and resentment?


That may have been a trick question…it doesn’t! Thankfulness has nothing to do with bitterness and nothing to do with resentment. Which is why it’s crucial for you and me to think back on the requests we’ve made, and find something we can thank God for.


Did God ever answer your prayer in a different way than you wanted Him to?


Were you upset with God because of it? Why or why not?


Is there any part of it that you are thankful for?


God loves it when His children recognize His love and His goodness. He knows our thankful hearts affect us in a powerful way—they make us more like Him. Today as you pray, recount some of the wonderful deeds your heavenly Father has done for you.