Power of Prayer | Day Six


By: Callie Clayton

Beginning today, we’re going to start being very specific in our prayers. Even though God knows what’s going on in our hearts and minds, he wants to hear you name every concern, request, and question.


Do you ever feel like the things you think about are too insignificant to take to God?


Why do you feel that way?


Read Psalm 139:1-4.


What does this verse say about God?


He knows everything about you: every thought, every feeling, every desire…everything! But still, He wants a relationship with you. He wants a conversation with you.


Who is your favorite person to talk to? Why?


Is there anything too small that you wouldn’t talk to your best friend about?


What are the things that you feel are too small and insignificant to share with God?


Look up Matthew 6:11. Write it down in your journal.


This verse in right in the middle of a prayer you may have said yourself in a service: The Lord’s Prayer. It’s actually the Lord’s Model Prayer because Jesus uses it as an example for his followers when he was teaching them how to pray. 


Would bread, or food in general, be considered a daily necessity?


According to this verse do you think God wants to know your obvious physical or emotional needs?


Do you ever ask Him for those things?


If you said, “no” to the last question, then now is the perfect time to start. Take a minute to look over the list of things you said were too insignificant, too small, to share with God. Begin asking God for the things you need. Remember, He already knows them! He just wants to hear from you!