Power of Prayer | Day Five

By: Callie Clayton

Over the last few days we’ve covered several key aspects about prayer. Today, I’m going to challenge you to be a little more active in your prayer time. If you don’t already have a journal, grab a few sheets of paper and a pen or a marker!


Open up your Bible to Colossians chapter 4 and read verse 2.


Take a second to write it down. If you are artistic or enjoy modern calligraphy, now’s your time to shine! If you’re like me and sometimes your handwriting looks like that of a third grader, go for it anyways! Make this verse look pretty…no room for criticism today!


Look at that sentence. There are two verbs. What are they?


What does it mean to continue to do something?


In what parts of your life do you have to be watchful?


Prayer is something you and I should continue to do, meaning we never stop! We keep on keepin’ on in our conversation with God! Sounds simple enough, right? The hard part for me sometimes is the “being watchful” part.


Have you ever started a prayer while lying in your bed at night when all of the sudden your alarm goes off and you realize it’s the morning?! You can’t remember how or when you fell asleep and what in the world you and God were talking about.


Why is it important to be watchful in our prayer time?


Paying attention to our words is important enough…but what about hearing a response from God? Muttering a few words like “please help me with ___________” or “what should I do about ___________”, even “God I really wish you would do ____________” is not helpful if we are not watching for His response.


Have you ever felt like God responded directly to your prayer? What was that like?


In what ways can we “hear” God and understand His responses to us?


I believe a huge part of the reason you and I often wonder where God is and why He hasn’t responded to us is because we don’t take time to listen.


The key phrases in Colossians 4:2 says that we are to:


Continue _________ and Be Watchful with _________


We must continue to pray with perseverance and patience and watch with thanksgiving. Have you ever thanked God in advance for the way He is going to answer your prayer?


So many times our prayer life can become stale because we aren’t paying attention, being watchful, or anticipating God’s response. Today, I want to give you an opportunity to do be watchful in your prayer time.


Use a page in your journal, or a sheet of paper, to write out a prayer to God. You can either write in paragraph form if that’s natural for you, or make a bullet point list of your requests and concerns.


Be sure to include the things you are thankful for, even thankful for the ways that God will respond to you.


Then, listen to your favorite worship song, read a passage of Scripture, take a second to wait patiently and be watchful of God’s response. Write down anything you think God is saying to you. I think you might be surprised at what you hear!