Power of Prayer | Day Two

By: Callie Clayton

If you’re anything like me, you like a good conversation. You know, the kind where the person you are talking to talks back? Sometimes that can be one of the hardest parts about our relationship with God. You can’t see Him, feel Him, or audibly hear Him. Yet, I can promise you that He is still very attentive to your life!

Do you ever feel like God is distant?


If yes, can you think of a time where you felt that way?


Have you ever felt like God is really close to you?


If yes, what was going on in your life that made you feel that way?


Read James 4:8 for an awesome promise!


Fill in the blanks below:

________________ near to _____________ and _____________

will draw ______________to ______________ .


The expectation for you and me is to draw near to God. That’s our job. That’s a fancy way of saying get close to God. Think about your friendships. Circle the words below that describe what it takes to get close to someone.

      Ignore them                            Get to know them personally

Talk to them daily                          Tell them about yourself

Spend time with them                    Put up a wall around yourself

Say “hey” every once in a while      Wait for them to contact you

How do the statements that you circled translate into your relationship with God?


It takes action on our part! We have to get close to God if we want Him to be involved and engaged in our life.  I bet if you looked back at the first couple of questions you would notice that times you felt distant from God were the same times you weren’t putting in much effort (if any at all) into your relationship with God. And in the same way, the times you felt closest to God were the seasons of your life where you spent time reading your Bible, praying, and learning more about God.


How can prayer help you draw closer to God?


The best friendships are the ones that go both ways! God knows this. He promises that He will get close to you and you will feel and notice His presence in your life. However, you have to put forth the effort to get close to God.

As you pray and thank God for wanting to be close to you and wanting a deeper relationship with you, also make a commitment to Him that you will do your part to draw near. Be specific in the way you want to get closer to Him. And then ask the Lord to give you the strength and a renewed desire to develop your relationship with Him.