Power of Prayer | Day One

By: Callie Clayton


Prayer is an important part of our relationship with God, yet we often misunderstand the how and why. In the upcoming weeks, we’re going to take a look at the various things we should be talking to God about. Before we get to that, let’s dive into why we should pray! Get ready for your time with the Lord- and your relationship with Him-change for the better!

Prayer may or may not be something you’ve grown up knowing about. It may not be modeled in your home. You might not ever have done it by yourself. If I asked you to explain prayer to me in three to five words, what would you say?


What do you think the purpose of prayer is?


What kinds of things do you typically pray for?


On a scale of 1-10, how often do you pray?


Never                       For Emergencies                                        Occasionally                     Always 

 1           2           3           4           5           6          7          8         9           10


Check out 1 Thessalonians 5:17. Write it down somewhere where you’ll see it often.


According to this verse, how often are we supposed to pray?


“Pray without ceasing” means we are to pray continuously, or without stopping. Why?


I describe the people around me who talk to God continuously- about every situation and every thought- as prayer warriors. These people in my life go to God on my behalf without any hesitation. They are so comfortable talking to God they want to talk to Him for me, too!


Who is someone in your life who models this verse?


If you have someone who comes to mind, I would encourage you to talk to her about prayer. Find out what kinds of things they pray about. Tell them you would like to grow stronger in your prayer life.


We’ll find out in the next few days how much God loves hearing you and I voice our thoughts and concerns, dreams and disappointments, to Him! He wants to be included in every aspect of your life and the way we can easily engage Him is by simply talking to Him!


Take a minute to pray right now. Let God know how thankful you are that He wants to hear from you. Begin to tell God something that you haven’t yet talked to Him about. Ask God put this verse on your heart and mind today so that you include Him in every aspect of your life.