The Gospel of John | Day Twenty One

By: Brittany Green | True Life! 

Happy Easter! We’ve made it to the last day of our study and to Easter Sunday!

As we close out our study, I want us to reflect on who Jesus is in our life.

Go back to John 20:31.

We’ve seen the emotion and passion of Jesus, we’ve seen miracles showing He is the Christ, we’ve studied His teachings and I hope that we’ve fallen in love with the wonder of Jesus. Jesus doesn’t make bad people good, He makes dead people alive. We’ve seen this happen throughout our time in the book of John.

Take some time to reflect on how Jesus has brought you life and shown that He is the Lord in your life this week.

How has your understanding of Jesus changed over the past three weeks?


How can Jesus continue to bring life into your life?


Spend this Easter Day praising Jesus and marveling in His salvation. If that means spending time in solitude, rereading parts of John, writing down things you’re thankful for, being in nature, or anything else that connects you with Jesus, do it. Make this day about Him. And then resolve to continue growing in your relationship with Him daily!