The Gospel of John | Day Twenty

By: Brittany Green | Reconciliation

"If you're like me, you're a perfectionist. I have always striven to be "er." PrettiER, kindER, smartER, thinnER, bettER. It's never enough. I run myself ragged trying to be "er." And when I'm stressed and exhausted and feel like I'm not good enough, I give up on trying at all. Then I get to the point where I see how bad off I've gotten and I start trying again. Well, last year God taught me a lesson about this vicious, debilitating cycle.

At my school, you can homeschool some of your classes, if desired. I had the brilliant idea of doing Algebra II online. Let me just say, that was one of the worst decisions of my life! Everything started off fine. I hate math with a passion, but somehow managed to drag myself through first semester with a decent grade.

Second semester is where things got tricky. Second semester was where my three least favorite and least understood topics converged: conics, trigonometry, and logarithmic functions... let's just say it did not go well... I did not pass... I procrastinated, crammed, and failed the final (which was worth 30% of the grade).

Needless to say, my parents were not happy that I'd wasted the money they'd spent on the class by not caring and I hated myself for doing this once again. I had to redo the entire semester during the school year. I fell behind in my pre-calculus class work during this time and fell into the same cycle with a different class...Amid the frustration, the tears, and the redoing the entire semester while trying to keep up with my junior year, God used the verse that says "work at all you do as if working for the Lord, not for men" to grow me. He showed me grace through my pre-calc teacher and allowing me to pass both math classes. He revealed to me that the problem was with my thinking: I was working for the praise and approval of man. I cared too much about what my parents, teachers, friends, and peers thought of me and not enough about where my heart was.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm still working on this. Change doesn't happen overnight. I still care too much about what others opinion of me is. I still get trapped by the cycle of "er." But I have started settling for my best, not someone else's. I have been praying that God would change my heart, that I would seek His approval. I can't wait to see how He will grow me in the future."

Melissa, Junior

Remember what happened with Peter a few days ago?

Write down what you remember about Peter’s story.

Now read John 21:15-24.

What three things did Jesus ask Peter to do?


What’s the significance of Jesus asking Peter these questions three times?


This moment is huge for Peter’s life. His darkest moment was denying Jesus three times. So Jesus seeks him out and forgave him three times. He then clearly involves Peter in the work of the Kingdom. It is Peter, the Rock, which the church is built on. Peter spreads the News of Jesus and brings the disciples together. Even though he was a huge mess up.

The difference between Peter’s denial and Judas’s betrayal is that Peter openly repented.

Jesus’ grace was abundant and extended to even Peter. Peter was longing to have a real relationship with Jesus. He wanted restoration with His Savior. So Peter repented and walked, literally, in obedience with Christ.

So how about you? Do you need to repent?

What do you need to do repent of?

What areas of your life are you denying Jesus? Are you fully trusting and obeying Him with every aspect of your life?