The Gospel of John | Day Six

By: Brittany Green | BREAD

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.

 "When I was in the middle of the fifth grade, my family suddenly moved from South Carolina--the only place I had ever lived--to Georgia. To say the least I was lost, hurt, and angry. I did not understand why God would do that to me. I struggled through the end of that school year and then we moved AGAIN. Yep, you read that right. Less than six months after moving the first time, we moved to another town.

That time in my life was extremely difficult. I did not want to be near the Lord when it felt like he was doing this to me. I made it through that time thanks to sweet friends and the Lord's grace. After about two years in Georgia I began to see clearly how God had orchestrated His plan for the better. I was at peace with the move and finally understood why God had done what he did. 

Fast forward about 5 years later, my dad asked me "What do you think about Dallas?". In that moment I was not worried. In fact, I felt an overwhelming peace. I had seen God use one move to work in my life and I knew that He would only continue to grow me. Moving to Texas was not easy, don't get me wrong. However, this move was totally different for me. 

I leaned into the Lord. I trusted that His plans had to be better than mine. I knew that whatever He had in store I was going to be ready for. I've been in Texas almost three years now and I have seen myself grow for the better. The Lord is good. He is always at work. His plans really, truly, are more glorious than anything we could imagine for ourselves. 

Now, I am graduating high school and entering a new stage of life. I am here standing at a fork in the road again. I can act in fear and choose to do things my way, or I can step out into the unknown, throw my arms in the air and trust. While everything in me wants to act out of anxiety, I have to choose the latter. I hope this can be an encouragement to each and everyone of you as you face unknowns. I pray we can seek first His kingdom and His righteousness. I pray that we cling to His promise that His plans are to give us hope and a future, and never to harm us."  

Makenzie, Senior

I love bread. Who doesn’t, really? All sorts of bread: sourdough, French bread, normal wheat bread for sandwiches, rolls, tortillas, bagels, cake (is that even a type of bread??). It’s all so good. What’s your favorite bread?

Over this week we’ve read through three of Jesus’ miracles. The wedding was the first one, and then we looked at two of Jesus’ healings yesterday. Today we’re looking at numbers four and five. It has to do with bread and water! I think we should all eat a muffin or something as we read this, just for kicks!

Read John 6 to start off our time together. Check out all the mentions of bread as you read.

This story is so familiar, so I hope you don’t check out as we study Jesus feeding the 5,000 and walking on water. It’s a pretty big deal.

What stood out to you as you read?

This moment is significant for Jesus. He’s literally providing the people with sustenance. He’s giving them means to live. And he does it with a boy’s lunch. The boy was faithful to Jesus to give his lunch, and Jesus blessed him and multiplied his offering. I think that could speak into our lives, don’t you? So often God wants to use what we have and do much with it. Our talents, our time, our passions – God wants to make much of those things.

How can you offer what you have to God today?


What are some ways that God can use you and your gifts?


Let’s talk about the bread. Reread John 6:28-40.


How do you think this relates to the people Jesus just fed?


I love that Jesus gives an object lesson and then tells the meaning later. Jesus literally fed the people bread. In the same way, He explains, God provided Moses and the Israelites with manna in the desert. Manna literally means “what is it?” The people didn’t know what it was they were eating, but they trusted God for provision. And God continually provided just enough for each day.

So Jesus teaches that He is the bread of life. The people relied on God in the desert, they relied on Jesus to multiply the bread, but ultimately we rely on Jesus for salvation. Jesus brings life – not just by providing for our physical needs, but by giving us spiritual life and salvation.

How are you relying on Jesus as the Bread of Life?


Take time to think through the areas of your life that you are not trusting God to provide in? Lift them up today.

To finish your time today, read John 7&8. We’re not going to talk about them, but they’re still important. Write down anything that stands out to you.