Joseph Study | Day Seventeen

By: Brittany Green | Settled

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There’s just something about home. Being home. Having a home.


Don’t get me wrong; I love to adventure and travel. If I could travel every week, my heart would be so happy! But after any adventure, there’s just something sweet about coming home to your own bed.


I think there’s something innate in us that want roots.  We want to be settled. So whether we move a lot, travel frequently, or live in the same house our whole lives, we have something deep within us longing for stability.


I have a few places where I feel at home and rooted. The first is my front porch. It’s enclosed with giant windows, so it’s like I’m outside without actually being outside. I have old, comfy couches scattered about. Sitting and reading or chatting with a friend happens best on the porch. Another home place for me is my parents’ living room. I love when it’s sunny, soccer games are playing in the background, and it’s just still yet filled with my family. I love these home places. They bring comfort. They bring peace.


What’s your home place? Or places? Describe one below.


What makes it your home?


Though they’re comfy, cozy and inviting, the most important thing is what happens in these places. Having intentional conversations, sharing food, sharing life, praying over my worries or hopes, filling a place with laughter – that’s what makes it home to me.

Yesterday we looked at the first part of Genesis 46, as Jacob prepared to go to Egypt. He was leaving his home for the hope of a new home. Today we’re going to look at the last half of chapter 46, and part of chapter 47. We’re going to see that Joseph’s family settles.

We’re skimming over the genealogy that is listed in the middle of Genesis 46. If you’d like, you can take time to read about the large amount of family members Jacob is bringing into Egypt. It says that among his sons and daughters and grandchildren, over 66 people traveled to Egypt. That’s a pretty large group moving in the neighborhood. Not to mention a huge amount to travel with. That’s a lot of pit stops.


Start by reading Genesis 46:28-47:12.


There’s a lot going on in this section. Joseph and Jacob are reunited. That’s such a happy moment! Jacob says that his life is complete now that he has seen Joseph again. Woah! What a statement. And then, Joseph goes to Pharaoh on behalf of the family to secure them some land. And not just any land – great land! He asks Pharaoh for a place called Goshen. This land is perfect for raising sheep. They can continue the family business.


Reread Genesis 47:9, Jacob’s answer to Pharaoh asking about his life.


Jacob had struggled all of his life. He admits to having a hard life, although not as long or hard as his ancestors. (130 seems pretty long to me!) Jacob says that his sojourning has been long and hard. For him to use this term, “sojourning,” paints him as someone who has lived an unsettled life. He has temporarily lived in many different places. Jacob’s answer to Pharaoh shows that he is thinking back across the trouble that he had to endure to get to this moment. He was finally settled.


God provided for Jacob. He did what He promised to do.


And that’s what God promises us. He’s absolutely going to do what He says He’ll do. He’s going to use us in unimaginable ways. He’s going to bring about His kingdom. And He brings redemption and salvation.


This is what it means to be home.

The Greek world for home is oikos. The literal definition means a house, the material building or a household, family, lineage, nation.


Isn’t that what Jesus does for us? Scripture describes God as our refuge. It says that we become the Body of Christ. We are members of the global Church. We are daughters of God. We are in the family.


Jacob was part of the beginning of this nation, this family. God provided for him. He gave him a place to be settled; a place where the family could be protected so that they’d multiply into a great nation with their own culture, set out by God.  And we are part of that lineage.


So let me ask you, are you part of this family? Have you accepted Jesus’ offer of salvation?


If not, I want you to think through why not. What’s holding you back? The Bible says that if we admit our need for a savior and believe that Jesus is God’s son, sent to live a blameless life, was crucified in place of our sins and rose again from the dead, that we’ll be saved.


And if you are part of the family, are you settled? Do you feel at home wherever God is calling you?  Are you trusting that God will provide for you?


What do you need to do today to be at home with God?


Take time to reflect and rejoice that we have a home in Christ!


And as you do, end your time listening to these two songs by the band Dutton. “Welcome Home” and “All We Have is Christ