Joseph Study | Day Sixteen

By: Brittany Green | Immediately

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Happy Tuesday! We’re starting to close in on our time with Joseph. Yesterday, we focused on Jacob’s heart. Today we’re going to look at his actions!


In Genesis 46 and 47, Joseph and Jacob move the family to Egypt—which is important because they united their family and fulfilled the promise God made to Abraham in Genesis 12 & 15.


Let’s see how Jacob handles the move. Read Genesis 46:1-7.


I love this encounter between God and Jacob. As we saw yesterday, Jacob was pretty hesitant about going to Egypt. He loved his son and wanted to reunite; here we see God reassuring him.


Do you ever need some reassurance, comfort or hope? God meets those needs. He gave Jacob what he needed and God gives us what we need to.


It’s pretty incredible that God is continuing to be faithful to this messed up family. It’s even more incredible that God calls Jacob by name, and thousands of years later he calls you and me by name, too.


Look at verse 2. God calls Jacobs name.


What is Jacob’s response? 


Pretty immediate, right? I don’t read a hesitation or gap between God’s call and Jacob’s response. God calls him, and immediately Jacob said, “Here I am.” 

(And let’s be honest…the Bible doesn’t sugarcoat the people’s flaws. It is full of flawed people. That way we see God’s sovereignty and perfectness. If Jacob hesitated, the author of Genesis would have called him out so fast!)


I love Jacob’s response. “Here I am.”

There are many other times in the Bible that key players use this phrase. Abraham, Moses, Jeremiah, and Isaiah, just to name a few.


How many times do you respond to God with an immediate “Here I am”?


There was no pause between God’s call and Jacob’s response. None. So why do we so often hesitate?


Or do we even hear the call of our names?


We are often so distracted to even hear God’s call. We live in a noisy world. We fill our time and our head with so much. We have a not so good need to constantly be doing something. We rarely allow ourselves to just sit, think, and listen.


Other times when we hear God’s call, we question it. We want to control our lives. We want a clear plan. It’s hard to blindly trust. But that’s what God asks of us.


Jacob heard God’s call, immediately answered, and immediately set out to Egypt. He was free of distractions. He just does it.

Do you immediately walk in God’s call? Or do you want to control it?


My challenge to you today is to listen to God’s call and respond with “Here I am.”


How can you remove distractions from your life so that you have time and space to listen?


Take time right now to think through your distractions. Think through those times when you’ve recently heard God’s voice. It might be something you’ve read, something you’ve heard a friend say, that still small voice that is sort of like your conscience – that’s the Holy Spirit. What has God been speaking to you lately?


Write down what God is calling you to do. And then write down how you’re going to do it.