Joseph Study | Day Fourteen

By: Brittany Green | Encouraged

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You’ve come to the end of another week! We’ve covered a lot with Joseph’s family in the past few days. We’ve been to prison and back in a whole week. We’ve also had some crazy encounters with dreams and siblings. Take some time today to reflect on this week.


What’s going on in your life this week? How’s your family, your friends, school, your relationships?


What’s been a highlight of this week? How about a lowlight?


Take some encouragement in the fact that God has been with you in the highs and lows this week.


What has God taught you this week?


What’s one thing that has stood out from our time with Joseph this week?


Yesterday we left with Joseph forgiving his brothers. I wonder what the brothers were feeling at that moment! They left Egypt with a huge amount of gifts and supplies to take to their father from Joseph. I think I’d be in somewhat of a state of shock. They were treated well by this guy who turns out to be their long lost (sold) brother, who actually doesn’t hate them. My head would be spinning. How about you?


I think I would also feel some relief. They had been living with the shame of all the wrongs they had done for over twenty years! That’s a heavy burden. And then Joseph reassures them that God had a hand it the entire plan. That’s encouraging!


Do you ever just need some encouragement in life? I know I do. I have this problem where I need affirmation in my life. I get inside my own head and need to hear encouragement. Which is how God wired me, but when I seek affirmation from other people above God, that’s the problem. Our worth comes from what God says about us, not what we think about ourselves or what other people say.


We’ve got to find encouragement from God’s Word and not other people. Sometimes I forget that. How about you?


God wants to be our source of encouragement. Like he used Joseph to encourage the brothers of God’s ultimate plan, God wants to assure you that He has an ultimate plan. So whenever hard times come, we can know that God is still in control.


Take some time today to rest in the encouragement that God gives so that we can walk into this coming week with the confidence that comes from Him.


Spend time reading Lamentations 3:22-26. I always find it encouraging. Read it a few times. I hope it will encourage you too!