Joseph Study | Day Twelve

By: Brittany Green | Tested 

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This week, Joseph has been the dream! We’ve looked at so many great aspects of his character—acting righteously, giving grace to his brothers, and pointing others to God.


Today, we’re going to see the tricky side of Joe. He doesn’t do anything wrong, but is testing the murky waters in his relationship with his brothers.


We also are going to focus in on Judah’s character. This chapter is mostly about his response. (Keep in mind that Judah is the fourth son of Jacob and the brother who suggested selling Joseph.)


Start by reading Genesis 44.


It’s interesting how we start to see Judah become a leader within the family. He’s not the oldest, and has probably messed up in life as much as the others, but each time we see him he shows a change of heart.


Also, I love Joseph’s emotion regarding his brothers. He’s spent twenty years apart from them, and although they’ve wronged him, he wants to reconcile their relationship.  


How about that special cup? Joseph’s purpose was to single out Benjamin to see if the brothers would abandon him as they had abandoned Joseph. He wanted to see if they had changed.


Did they?


How does Judah show a change of heart?


Judah offers himself in place of Benjamin. We didn’t discuss his backstory further – that’s a whole different study, but in Genesis 38:26 Judah realized his unrighteousness. He really is a changed man. And from the looks of it, the brothers followed his life change.


The key to true reconciliation is repentance. This was true for Joseph and his brothers and it’s true for us today. Joseph couldn’t keep bitterness in his heart and still have a right relationship with God and his brothers. The brothers had to recognize their sins in order to be reconciled to God and Joseph.


The same is true for us. God wants a right relationship with us. In order for that to happen, we have to have a moment of life change. We have to recognize our need for God and turn from our old ways. That’s what it is to repent. To turn. Only then can we truly be reconciled to God.


Have you had a moment when you recognized your need for God?  Have you repented and turned from your sin so that you might be put in a right relationship with Jesus?


Are you currently living in a right relationship with God? What do you need to do to turn from any sin, bitterness, jealousy, lies, hurt, etc.? If you were tested today like the brothers were, how would you measure up?


Take some time today to reflect and pray about that.