The Gospel of John | Day Two

By: Brittany Green | New Wine, New Life

"Growing up in a Christian home, I've always been taught to love God with all my heart and to live my life according to His Word. I haven't been through any big "fires" in my life, but I have had some bumps in the road.

A few years ago, I went through a hard time in my life where money was a constant issue and a family member (whom I was really close to) had to move away because of circumstances I couldn't fathom. Not only that, but I struggled with being self-conscious and felt like I didn't have any true friends! 

I was mad at God for what we was letting Satan do to me and my family--all the while, I was just going through the motions in my relationship with God. Throughout all of this, I wasn't giving God the time or attention He deserves. 

At the time, I didn't realize how much I needed God's presence in my life. However, one night at a church retreat, the sermon reminded me of my worth and how God's presence changes our life. God opened my heart and eyes to this concept and from then on, I've been constantly striving to be in His word daily and to live my life according to His purpose and will. Whatever you're going through, remember you are worthy and God has a purpose for your life. Whatever fires or struggles you're going through nothing compares to the joy that's coming." 

--Emily, sophomore

For from his fullness we have all received grace upon grace.”

John 1:16

Throughout our time in the book of John, we’re going to be focusing on Jesus – that He came to be the Messiah and that we receive life in His Name. To do that, we could probably spend a year in John, but over these few weeks we’re going to look at this book in three parts: The Book of Signs, The Book of Glory, and the Epilogue. In the Book of Signs, Jesus performs seven miracles to identify himself and call people to faith. In the Book of Glory, we’ll focus on the last week of Jesus’ life – often called Passion Week. And then the Epilogue is when Jesus appears to His disciples.

As we focus on all of these, we’ll view it through the lens of Jesus revealing himself as the Messiah, giving us life and grace.

All of that being said, in this study we’re going to focus on bits and pieces from John. I encourage you to also read the in-between parts; it’ll put everything into perspective.

Check out chapter 2 for today’s reading. We’re going to focus specifically on verses 1-11.

Background: You (hopefully) read yesterday that Jesus came as the beginning, the Word, and is one with God. He came and dwelt among us. John the Baptist came preparing the people of Israel for Jesus, and once Jesus came on the scene, He was baptized and called a few disciples. He eventually called 12 specifically to be the inner circle. Up until this point Jesus had been living a pretty normal life – no miracles, no declarations that He’s God, just living a righteous life. And then a wedding happens. Big things always happen at weddings, right?

Weddings are important social customs. This was especially true in the ancient Jewish culture. The wedding ceremony would occur and then an extended celebration would occur afterwards. It would have been joyous, loud, and long – some lasting up to a week.

So Jesus was at this celebration with his disciples and his mother when the hosts run out of wine, which would have been a major social catastrophe.

Look specifically for a moment at the interaction between Mary and Jesus in verses 3-5.
Sounds like a typical mother-son/daughter conversation, huh?

Mary knows Jesus so well and knows He’s the Son of God and asks him to help with the wine situation. How does Jesus respond?  “My __________ has not yet _______.”  He says it isn’t time to reveal who He is yet. But check it out: what a mom response! She basically pushes him to do something, telling the servants to “Do whatever Jesus tells you.” I feel like this could be a pretty comical movie scene.

So Jesus turns the water into wine. Just like that. And it’s apparently really good wine. The bride and groom are honored instead of shamed. This is the first of Jesus’ miracles that He performs to reveal his glory. He does this to encourage people to have faith in Him, and announces that the messianic age has come. No longer are the people waiting for God to speak, for God is with them.

And God is with us. Just like Jesus made new wine out of the water, He is making new things out of your life.

Verse 11 says that “His disciples ________________ in Him.”

Maybe you’re reading this and have heard this story for the millionth time. Jesus is still doing new things in your life. He is still working in miraculous ways and wants you to ask Him to step into your life.

Maybe you’re reading this and this is entirely new to you. It seems weird that water could turn into something other than water. It seems weird that this is significant to your life. Can I encourage you to lean in and keep reading? Just like the wedding banquet would have been significantly lacking without the wine, our lives are significantly lacking without Jesus. So it might seem new and foreign, but this story is for you and me wherever we’re at.

What are you praying for this week?


What areas can we pray for that Jesus needs to come in and bring life, new life?


Are you seeking out Jesus and allowing Him to do new things in your life?


Spend some time praying that He continues to make your relationship with Him new every day.