The Gospel of John | Day Three

By: Brittany Green | John 3: Rebirth 

"These past few months have been stressful on my family and me. My older sister has been having medical problems since the end of December. The routine of the house was knocked off track and everything was utter chaos. As my sister was struggling, I had to fill a role that I didn’t think I was ready for. My family desperately needed me to be an anchor in this time of tribulation. I had to accept the role whether I wanted to or not. It was thrown at me with no warning.

I must admit, I struggled with the “anchor” role. I tried to do everything on my own. I didn’t ask anyone for help. I stuffed all my feelings away and became emotionally numb. I held myself to this vision of perfection because I didn’t want to be a burden to my parents. They were already dealing with so much, that I didn’t want to get in the way. I was desperately trying to keep myself together, but one day God made me take a hard look at my heart and what I was doing. I had so many feelings and emotions locked up inside that were just waiting to come pouring out. I resisted and kept stuffing, but God had a different plan.

He was like, “Ging, I’m here to take all this stuffing away. I’m here to clear the blockage. I am here for you.” I sat on my bed that night and cried. Let me tell you, it wasn’t one of those cute cries. No, it was a nasty, runny nose, ugly cries. Everything that was held in came out like tidal waves. I prayed like I never had before. I knelt with tear streaks down my face and lifted everything up to Him. The One who is always there, always listening, and always willing to help. Ladies, He wants every part of you, messy and all!! We were never meant to face life on our own! God is there, ready and waiting to help you." --Ginger, Junior 

Start today by asking God to clear your mind of the things you’re worried about. Ask God to speak to you today as you read His Word.

Read John 3, specifically John 3:1-21.

What stands out to you from today’s reading?


I love this story of Nicodemus. I love that Jesus reaches people of all ages and places in life. Nicodemus is a “ruler of the Jews,” which means he’s a prominent leader of the Jewish faith. He’s probably older and yet he’s not high and mighty like many Pharisees we see. He seeks Jesus out for the truth of how to have eternal life.

What does it mean to you to be “born again”?


Focus in on verses 16-21.

God sent His son into the world to save the world. Since the beginning of time, God has wanted a relationship with His people. He wanted full community for us, full life. Unfortunately, humankind wanted to play the role of God, we distrusted and fell into sin. This broke the relationship.

But God, in His mercy and grace, couldn’t let the relationship stay broken. He is continually seeking His people out. He’s continually seeking you out.

In the olden days, God set up a way for His people to live. He gave them a set of laws to follow for their good. And when those laws were broken, death had to happen. There would be a death in the relationship, but in order to mend it, God set up animal sacrifices to continue the relationship. This is grace. That God would make a way for His people to continue to live in community with Him despite our rebellion.

And then, after some time God wanted a full relationship with His people once and for all – no more animal sacrifices. So what does He do? He sends His son. Fully God, fully human, Jesus comes on the scene.

This is why we love John 3:16-18. Because it explains so fully that Jesus is the way to true life and what our response to faith must be. God sent Jesus to save the world rather than condemn it, and it all hinges on how people respond. They either experience salvation or condemnation. Whoever believes in Jesus will not be condemned (Romans 8:1), but those who reject Jesus face condemnation.

Jesus explains it again using the analogy of light and dark. We may sometimes like dreary days, but the sun literally gives light. We can’t live without vitamin D, which comes from the sun. In the same way, God wants our lives to be filled with light, with life. Jesus comes in and shines in our dark places to give us life.

So what are you waiting for? Is this new to you? If so, I want to encourage you to look at your life and your heart. Do you have Jesus in your life? Do you believe in Him? If not, there’s no time like now to put your faith in Him.

If this isn’t new to you, I pray that it never becomes old news. It’s easy to hear the same thing over and over and let it lose impact. The light that Jesus brings never stops shining in our dark places. We’ve never arrived at a place where this is not exciting.

So what do you need to do today with John 3? How can you apply it to your life?


Who can you talk to today to help encourage you to seek Jesus more as the Savior of the word?


Who can you talk to today to tell the Good News that Jesus saves?


Don’t let this Word sit stagnant without doing something with it.