The Gospel of John | Day One

By: Brittany Green | Belief and Life = Purpose

Today we start our study of John! This gospel is a special book. Scholars set it apart from Matthew, Mark, and Luke because John’s style and perspective differs by dwelling on the theological importance of Jesus’ words and deeds. This book of the Bible is deep enough for an elephant to swim through, but shallow enough for a baby to bathe in. There’s something for everyone in this book no matter where you are in your faith!

Whether you’ve been a believer for a long time or you’re here just checking things out, Jesus speaks to everyone. There is no better place to start learning about Jesus than John’s personal account and testimony of Him.

Over these next few weeks, we’ll study the emotion and passion of Jesus. We’ll see His miracles and the words He taught to His followers. It’s my prayer that the wonder and truth that comes with this book will make you fall more and more in love with Jesus each day!

In order to dive in, we’re going to start toward the end, with the author’s purpose for this book and our lives.

Read John 20:31.

Fill in the blanks:
This book was written that you may ____________ that Jesus is the ______________, ____ ______ __ _____, and that by ________________ you may have ______________ in His _______.”

I’d say this sums up God’s hope for our lives pretty well! Let’s dig through what this means, so that we may truly live this out. Know it’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out! None of us do. This study is all about discovering what it means to have belief and full life in Jesus. Try to think through these questions so that we get an idea of where we’re at as we start.

What does it mean to believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God?


Do you fully believe Jesus is God’s Son? Why or why not?


What things can hinder you from full belief that Jesus is the Son of God?


What do you think it means that we have life in Jesus’ name?


How does Jesus bring life?


What areas of your life do you need Jesus to bring life into this week?


What’s going on in your world that Jesus can come in and resurrect if you let Him?


John wrote this gospel so that people’s faith in Jesus might grow stronger. The Christian life is lived by faith. By entrusting ourselves to Jesus, the Messiah and Son of God, we experience life. And John wants his readers to experience life!

Jesus doesn’t make bad people good, He makes dead people alive.

As we study John’s testimony of his relationship with Christ, ask the Lord to reveal who Jesus is and how we can experience true life in Him.

Also, for a little bit of homework, read John chapter one. Then write down all the things that stand out to you from this chapter. How does John one show that God brings life to the full?