Mercy and Grace | Day Fourteen

By: Kate Downing | Grace That Gives Boldness Before Man

Congratulations! You made to the last day of our series on Mercy and Grace! Over the last two weeks we’ve talked about the beautiful and important meaning behind these two gifts. I pray that these words have become so much more than just words in your heart and mind, but evidence and encouragement of the love of God. 

God is rich in mercy and His grace is enough for you! 

Before we dive into our final study on grace, write down a few of the things God has taught you about His mercy and grace over the last two weeks.

Spend a few minutes praising God for teaching you these things, revealing His truth to you, and loving you so much that He shows you both mercy and grace. 

We’re kicking it Old Testament today by going all the way back to Genesis to see an example of God showing grace to a man named Noah. Because of the grace Noah was shown by God, he was bold before men. Yesterday, we talked about God’s grace giving us boldness to come before God with our whole hearts. Grace gives us boldness before God AND it gives us boldness before men!

Read Genesis 6:5-7. These verses provide the context for understanding how God showed grace and how it gave Noah boldness before men. 

Describe in your own words the condition of the earth given in these verses.


How did the wickedness of the people on earth make God feel? 


The people were so wicked, so completely evil that the just (right and fair) thing for God to do was to destroy the whole earth and start over. This seems drastic to us, but we must understand that every single thought, every single intention of mankind was evil all the time! We see a lot of evil in our world today, a lot of wickedness, but nothing compared to what was happening at this time. 

Read Genesis 6:8. What did Noah find in the eyes of the Lord? 


Your translation of the Bible may say “favor” or it may say “grace.” Both mean the same thing! We’ve been talking about grace, so for the sake of consistency, I’ll use the word “grace” in talking about this verse.

Remember that grace means God giving us what we DO NOT deserve. It is kindness or favor shown even when it is not earned.

Read Genesis 6:9. How is Noah described in this verse?


Noah was a good guy. He did what was right in the sight of the Lord. However, we must be careful to remember that God’s grace is not earned. Noah believed in God (placed his faith in him) and God showed him grace. Even in Genesis we see a beautiful picture of salvation! 

Read Genesis 6:13-14 and 22 (If you have time, read verses 13-22). 

What did God ask Noah to do (vs. 14)?


How did Noah respond (vs. 22)?


Talk about boldness!  God told Noah that He was going to destroy the earth with a flood and directed him to build an incredibly huge ship, load it full of animals, and ride out the storm. Note that many scholars believe that before the flood, it had never rained on the earth. Meaning that Noah had never seen rain let alone a flood. And yet, he boldly obeyed God, and did so publicly! 

Read 2 Peter 2:5.


How is Noah described in this verse? 


Thousands of years later, in the New Testament, Peter refers to Noah as a “preacher of righteousness.” He doesn’t say “Noah was an incredible ship builder,” or “Noah was willing to obey God within the privacy of his ship building garage.”  No! Noah was and is known as a preacher of the righteousness.  

We can surmise that people probably questioned Noah’s actions, made fun of him, and judged him for his obedience to God. Noah was a human just like you and I, so we can also surmise that it was probably hard for him to boldly obey God, but he persevered. He had been shown great grace by God and because of this grace; he boldly obeyed God before others.

God has shown you great grace at salvation and He continues to give you grace as you learn what it means to walk worthy of your call as a daughter of God (Ephesians 4:1).  He calls you to boldly live for Him before others, to boldly display and declare his grace before the world around you.

Write down the things that often keep you from living boldly for God. Then spend time confessing those things before the Lord.  Ask Him to help you overcome those fears and insecurities and to help you start living boldly for Him in your words and actions! 

I couldn’t be more excited for you as you finish out this last day of study on mercy and grace. I pray God has taught you so much about Himself and His plan for you! I pray that the words “mercy” and “grace” have taken on a deep and sweet significance in your life! 

God is rich in mercy and His grace is enough for you!