Mercy and Grace | Day Thirteen

By: Kate Downing | Grace That Gives Boldness Before God

Do you like to be the center of attention or sit quietly far away from the spotlight? Would you say you are fearless or a scaredy-cat? Do you like answering questions in class or does being called on by the teacher terrify you? If you don’t understand something, do you ask for help or would you rather just figure it out on your own?

These questions give some insight into your boldness. 

Google the word “boldness” and write down the definition.


Today, we are going to talk about how the grace of God gives us boldness to come to God with our needs, hurts, and even our sins. God’s grace gives us boldness before Him. 

As always, before we look at Scripture, take the next minute to pray. Ask God to help you focus and to grow your boldness in coming before Him.

Read Hebrews 4:14-16 and circle each time the word “grace” is used.


We’ll get back to the words you just circled in a minute, but first let’s understand the cultural context of this passage. A high priest was the highest position of religious authority and privilege in the Jewish culture and at the time of Jesus’ life and ministry.  The high priest’s job was to go into the holiest of places within the Temple and offer a blood sacrifice on behalf of the sins of the people. He interceded to a Holy God on behalf of a sinful people. 

Remember when we talked about the mercy seat last week?  The mercy seat was the place where God would reside and would show mercy through accepting blood sacrifices as atonement for the peoples’ sin. This is what is being referenced here in Hebrews.  

When the writer of Hebrews refers to a “High Priest” in the verses we just read, he is referring to Jesus Christ. The people of this day understood that the job of the high priest was to intercede before God. Jesus is our Great High Priest who lives to intercede before God on our behalf (Hebrews 7:25). However, Jesus does not come before His Father on the basis of an animal sacrifice, but on the basis of His own sacrifice. He showed us great grace by dying on our behalf and now living to intercede for us. 

What is so incredible is not only the fact that Jesus is our Great High Priest, but that He also knows what we are going through. He lived a life in which He experienced temptation, exhaustion, love, disappointment, and hurt. He knows what it is like to live the lives you and I are living. We then have the privilege of coming to the God who not only gave His life for us, but also understands our hurts, fears, and anxieties. We can boldly come before Him with every aspect of our lives, because He understands and offers us grace through it all. 

Look back at the words you circled. The word “grace” is used two times in verse 16.

Where does verse 16 say we can come boldly?


What is it we receive when we go there?


It’s incredible that God’s throne, His place of dwelling, is called “the throne of grace.”  It could be called “the throne of majesty” or “the throne of power,” but God chose to call it “the throne of grace” because grace is what we receive when we come before it.  He is the God of grace, and he allows us to boldly come to Him with our needs, hurts, and desires promising that He not only understands but that He will provide us with the grace to endure and heal. 

Have you felt intimidated or fearful to come before God, to be honest with Him, or to ask Him for help? 


If so, know that there is no reason to be intimidated! Jesus is our Great High Priest who understands your struggles and desires to intercede for you before His Father. It is because of His grace that you can boldly and humbly talk with God. Do not allow the feeling of unworthiness or the fear of being misunderstood to keep you from praying.  God has shown you grace so walk boldly in it!

Here is your first opportunity:

  • Confess before God whatever insecurities or fears that are keeping you from boldly coming to Him with every part of your life.
  • Thank Him for showing you grace and allowing you to come before Him on the basis of Jesus’ death and resurrection.
  • BE BOLD! Share with Him your hurts, your desires, and your questions.  Boldly come before the throne of grace so that He can equip you, heal you, and speak to you.